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Bachelor's Degree in Business Informatics

In today's world, business, technology, society and culture are subject to constant change and this can be challenging for scientific and academic disciplines. The study of Business Informatics focuses on both business and technology. Students will learn to become part of the transition process to help change, support and responsibly manage new developments. Business Informatics plays a key role in business and management, helping to advance information and communication technologies in order to help a company attain its primary business goals while also taking economic, social and societal objectives into consideration. A strong focus on human-task technology systems means also looking at related designs, development, implementation, introduction, usage, and maintenance of information and communication systems as well as managing production factor information in business and administration. The Bachelor's degree program conveys basic and core skills in required fields of technical and methodological expertise. The Master's degree program is an in-depth extension of the undergraduate degree curriculum in which students can acquire additional expert knowledge. Proficiency in computers and business as well as methodological skills and expertise in instrumental and systematic skills are not enough to have a successful career; studies in Business Informatics also focus on developing a personal and social skill set.

Career Prospects

Characterized by high dynamics and short technology cycles, Business Informatics has become an established, autonomous profession in the fields of business and management. The development of IT and the increasing diffusion of business and administration with IT fields continue to change existing professions, resulting in the creation of new fields and professions. Examples include:

  • Development of IT products and providing IT services
  • Marketing and distribution of IT products and IT services
  • Managing IT developments
  • IT consulting
  • Teaching / Training in the IT sector
  • IT auditing and IT controlling
  • Research and Development in the IT sector

Graduates of the Master's degree program in Business Informatics who also have a number of years of professional work experience can seek professions in upper management as the Chief Information Officer, or be independent and entrepreneurial by creating a company. The program's interdisciplinary nature allows graduates to pursue a broad range of professions.

Special Features of the Academic Degree Programs in Business Informatics at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz

  • In support of interdisciplinary education, the program provides students with qualifications to work successfully in fields of management and engineering. The Business informatics program in Linz is a cross-faculty program and students to attend courses at both the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business as well as at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.
  • The Bachelor's degree program conveys base-knowledge and core skills. The Master's degree program is an extension of the Bachelor's degree program and focuses on expanding specialized skills. In preparation of completing a graduate degree, students in the Bachelor's degree program can already select an individual area of study that will meet his/her professional goals and interests.
  • Business Informatics in Linz is characterized by its teaching and research and through four areas of expertise: Information Engineering, Software Engineering, Data & Knowledge Engineering as well as Communications Engineering.
  • Students in the program will be required to complete an IT project. Students will be supervised by experts from the business community as well as university faculty. The project aims to integrate knowledge and apply practical research to address problems and issues, particularly in real-world situations.
  • Students in the program who work and study part-time can also take part in network-based online courses designed to facilitate completing studies.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Bachelor's Degree in Business Informatics
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (BSc) or BSc (JKU)
Program Length: 6 semesters

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Multimedia Study Services SOWI (MuSSS)

Beginning in Winter Semester 2009/2010, parts of this academic degree program will run parallel to on-site classroom courses in the new program MuSSS (Multi-Media Study Services SOWI). Please find more information here (German only):

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