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Bachelor's Degree in Business and Economics

The Bachelor's degree in "Business and Economics" has been designed as general education program to provide students with skills and aptitude in the area of business administration. The courses aim to educate students on how to develop skills and experience in areas of specialization, procedure, social interaction and intercultural understanding. Courses in methodical subject areas such as statistics and law - as well contact and independent studies in business, economic and information technology - help students develop specialization and methodical skills. Social-interactive competency skills are taught in didactic courses designed to encourage interaction and exchange information efficiently and resourcefully (i.e. group projects to work on business problems and develop joint solutions, business simulation games); in addition, students can select electives from a wide range of courses and areas of study (i.e. sociology, social policy) to acquire theoretical background knowledge. Intercultural understanding allows program graduates to comprehend and grasp the correlation in contexts of cultural and intercultural situations. Students become skilled in international understanding by attending language courses and participating in student mobility programs. Students studying International Business are required to participate in a student exchange program abroad in order to enhance international cultural awareness.

Admissions Procedure / Admissions

Click here for information about the admissions procedure and admission to the Bachelor's degree program in Business.

Career Prospects

The Bachelor's degree program in Business and Economics has been designed to prepare and train students for professions that require the scientific application of business education and methods. The curriculum aims to provide students with qualifications to practice business professions by conveying specialized skills, social skill sets, intercultural understanding, critical analysis, and ethical awareness. Flexibility within the program allows graduates to select a field of specialization according to the curriculum and therefore be responsible for their education in business and how they apply their education. Students develop skills to analyze new task areas and work on proposals to find and apply solutions.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Bachelor's Degree in Business and Economics
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (JKU) in Business Economics (BSc or BSc (JKU))
Length: 6 semesters

Multimedia Study Services SOWI (MuSSS)

Beginning in Winter Semester 2009/2010, sections of this degree program will run parallel to on-site courses in the new MuSSS program (Multi-Media Study Services SOWI). Please find more information here (German only):

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