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Master's Degree in Mechatronics

The Master's degree program has been designed as an expansion and continuation of the undergraduate degree program. Students will demonstrate a stronger ability to conduct independent research in support of advancements in mechatronic sciences. The broadly-defined program provides students with a solid educational background and graduates to learn how to quickly understand and familiarize themselves with new fields, new technologies and problems as well as independently demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning. Graduates are especially in demand in areas that link theory and practice. Students will also learn skills needed to solve real-world tasks independently and quickly as well as further develop sections in scientific knowledge and methods.

The broad, interdisciplinary, science-based educational program and the related flexibitlity allows for professional careers in various industries and professional functions. This includes:

  • Foundational Context: Broad knowledge of mechanical design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, systems and control engineering as well as computer sciences based on fundamental principles in mathematics, engineering and natural sciences.
  • Applications: Ability to address problems by applying base-knowledge methods and other related methods of efficiency in both a technical and non-technical environment.
  • Depth in Science and Academics: Master required scientific and academic knowledge and acquire methods to identify and address other subjects in mechatronics. Specialization in other areas on an internationally recognized scientific level demonstrate an understanding and commitment to learn more about other subject areas.
  • Independence and Ability to Learn: Ability to continuous learning and improvement; being able to grasp new information quickly and independently when required. This includes both subject-specific in-depth knowledge as well as cross-border networking.
  • Sustainability and Knowledge Relevance: Master knowledge, skills, and methods that have more "half-life" for sustainable education during one's entire professional career.
  • Teamwork, Social and Gender Skills: Ability to function effectively in a team, including respect for representatives from other related professions as well as in unfamiliar areas on a national and international level.
  • Ability to Make Decisions and Provide Reviews: Based on scientific methods, the ability to make, represent and justify one's own decisions. Ability to assess and critique one's own actions as well as the actions and decisions of others.
  • Technology Assessment: Use scientific methods as a basis to effectively assess short and long-term technological impact, processes, etc. on society and the environment.

Career Prospects

Potential career opportunities for graduates of Mechatronics include areas of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and informatics. Mechatronic graduates are the “decathletes” among engineers. Graduates can pursue careers as product developers, programmers, sales engineers, CAD engineers, research engineers, operation engineers, measuring and control engineers and restoration engineers and develop, for example, modern hydraulic, roller mill equipment and engineered robots.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Master's Degree in Mechatronics
Degree Awarded: Diploma Engineer (Diplom-Ingenieurin) - (DIin or and Diploma Engineer (DI or Dipl.-Ing.)
Program Length: 4 Semesters

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