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Master's Degree in Sociology

Almost all facets of society, economics and culture undergo profound change processes. These processes have diverse global consequences on societies and individuals and present a special challenge within all scientific disciplines. Sociology examines individual human behavior, collective group actions and the impact on the cohabitation of people and societies. Sociological analysis describes, explains and evaluates social structures as well as social processes and social change in diverse societal areas and on different levels. Sociology therefore creates the basis for understanding social questions and societal problems as well as ways to manage them.

The Master's degree program in Sociology is an extension of the the Bachelor's degree in Sociology and on other similar educational programs in similar fields, offering a supplementary academic and professional program. Introspective assessment of specific questions and current approaches of explanation to sociological theory are combined with hands-on projects within the context of strengthening methods for empirical social and evaluative research as well as experience in specific fields of applications. These methods help prepare students for diverse career opportunities. Graduates of the Master's degree program can conduct independent scientific work, independently plan corresponding research designs based on existing problems, lead research teams as well as organize and coordinate interdisciplinary research projects.

Special emphasis is placed on acquiring international experience during studies. The program works with students to enable a stay abroad and support credit transfer.

Graduates of the Master's degree program in Sociology can create and conduct large, independent empirical research projects; possess socio-scientific expertise; make project evaluations; are involved in project leadership and management; incorporate conceptual and evaluative tasks in various areas; head departments and institutions in the fields of social services, healthcare, and business.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Master's degree program in Sociology are in a position to meet the requirements for many professional occupations, including:

  • In service facilities and companies (such as education and consulting, social services, healthcare, culture and entertainment, politics, tourism and recreational management, etc.)
  • In private and public educational and research institutions
  • In corporations, especially in organizational departments and human resource management
  • In national and international organizations (particularly in the NGO field)
  • In the media and new communications systems
  • In freelance, entrepreneurial positions
  • In special interest groups, associations and political parties
  • In social and industrial research institutions
  • In all levels of administration.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Master's Degree in Sociology
Degree Awarded: Master of Social Science (MSSc or MSSc (JKU))
Program Length: 4 semesters

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