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Cultural Studies - Bachelor's Degree Program

PLEASE NOTE: Admission for the 2017/2018 academic year is closed. There are plans to offer a Bachelor's degree program in Cultural Studies beginning Winter Semester 2018/2019 in cooperation with the University of Art & Design Linz. No new students will be accepted to the program until the curriculum has been re-designed.

The Bachelor’s degree program in “Cultural Studies” is an interdisciplinary academic degree program combining content in fields of humanities, social sciences and business. The focus is on the individual as a cultural being, functioning in complex and dynamic social systems. The interdisciplinary nature of the program serves to examine multi-layer topics and situations in a multi-dimensional manner. The program strongly focuses on conveying broad general knowledge of specialized, cultural and methodical skills. As stated in the program curriculum, graduates are well-rounded academics.

The Bachelor's degree program in Cultural Studies at the Johannes Kepler University is held in cooperation with the FernUniversität in Hagen (Germany), whereby classes include elements from on-site courses at the JKU and Distance Teaching (Hagen). Modules not offered at the JKU must be taken via distance learning at the FernUniversität. They are part of the Bachelor's degree program "Kulturwissenschaften mit Fachschwerpunkt Geschichte, Literaturwissenschaft, Philosophie" to be completed via distance teaching. Additional information is available under the menu item "Admission Requirements" and "Additional Information"
Courses at the JKU Linz can be supplemented with courses taken at the University of Art & Design Linz, the Catholic Theological Private University of Linz and/or the Anton Bruckner Private University for Music, Drama, and Dance.

Career Prospects

Individual options, such as core section classes in history, literature, and philosophy as well as selected fields of specialization such as Language & Culture, Management & Culture and/or interdisciplinary cultural studies, provides graduates with perspectives in a variety of career fields involving culture, society, academics and business:

  • International and cross-cultural positions at internationally active businesses and organizations (NPOs and NGOs),
  • Conception, organization and implementation of activities in fields of education, information services, business consulting and business communication, organizations, associations or media,
  • Activities in cultural education, cultural management and cultural politics,
  • Application oriented, base-knowledge linked research activities in cultural and cross-cultural fields, business, tourism, politics, and education.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Degree Program: Bachelor’s Degree in “Cultural Studies”
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts (BA or BA (JKU))
Program Length: 6 semesters