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Master's Degree in Management and Applied Economics

The Master’s degree program in Management and Applied Economics provides students with advanced education in the field of business and economics. The program aims at applying economic based understanding to core questions in business and economics as well as exploring the correlation between both disciplines. Students enrolled in the program acquire skills to combine business and economic environments in a professional capacity.

The program qualifies students for a variety of professions as economic experts, including management positions at private companies, positions at public companies that operate in complex economic environments, consulting firms, fields in financial management, as well as strategic management positions at private and public companies and positions in public administration.

Aside from core mandatory courses in business and economics, the program curriculum is flexible, allowing students to specialize in fields corresponding to personal interests and personal professional objectives, but still providing a focus and sound link to business and economics in the foreground. In addition, students learn more in-depth about modern methods of empirical economic research used as an instrument of analysis in many course subjects. Courses in the program are offered mainly in English, providing students an opportunity to acquire active and passive language proficiency on a professional and multidisciplinary level.

The Master’s degree program in Management and Applied Economics is geared towards students who are

  • Interested in the field of economics and their corresponding correlations and who, after completing an undergraduate degree, wish to pursue in-depth knowledge on the subject and acquire additional academic qualifications in a specialized field and,
  • Who wish to implement acquired knowledge in analysis and creative solution-finding to various professional fields in business and politics and;
  • Who would like to pursue an academic career and enroll in a Ph.D. program.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Master's degree program will be able to successfully:

  • Make decisions and and provide consultation to political and public economic decision-makers;
  • Evaluate and consult on measures of economic and socio-political strategy and their development;
  • Conduct adequate selection and adaption of theoretical and empirical analyses context for concrete issues, as well as conduct independent studies by applying appriopriate methods;
  • Interpret and critically classify the results of empirical analyses, and communicate effectively with experts as well as laymen;
  • Track the development of new business approaches and theories and, in the pursuit of life-long learning, independently delve into new fields of application.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Degree Program: Master’s Degree Program in Management and Applied Economics
Degree Awarded: Master of Science (MSc or MSc (JKU))
Program Length: 4 semesters