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Polymer Chemistry - Master's Degree Program

The Master’s degree program in Polymer Chemistry at the JKU Linz has been designed to provide a top quality level of academic and scientific education to qualify polymer chemists to work professionally in fields that include the development and characterization of new kinds of monomers and polymers.

The Master’s degree program provides fundamental academic and scientific knowledge and qualifies graduates to pursue professional careers that require the application of scientific knowledge and various methodologies. Graduates will understand how to transfer new scientific knowledge, theory and methods to real-world situations, applying their knowledge to demanding activities and operations in various areas of manufacturing and plastics research.

Graduates of the Master’s degree program in Polymer Chemistry at the JKU Linz work closely with the synthesis and characterization of new kinds of monomers and polymer products. “Polymer products” include plastomers, duromers, and elastomers as well as functional polymers, plastic multifunctional materials, plastic fibers, composites and polymer contained in paints and adhesives.

Graduates are most often employed in various fields of R&D as well as chemical synthesis and characterization, in the pharmaceutical and plastics industry, in construction, in the packaging industry, aerospace engineering, sporting goods production, automotive industry, electrical industry and the electronics industry. The program also emphasizes Interdisciplinary skills in thinking and action.

Graduates of the Master’s degree program “Polymer Chemistry” acquire:

  1. Broad, solid and high-quality base-knowledge education in disciplines ranging from fields of natural sciences and technical disciplines
  2. A thorough understanding of subjects in the fields of polymer engineering:
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry of Polymers
  • Polymerization Techniques and Technologies
  • Materials Sciences and Characterization of Polymers and Plastics

Graduates of the Master’s degree program in Polymer Chemistry will become familiar and comfortable with base concepts in polymer synthesis, polymer modification and characterization: they are familiar with the basics of polymer manufacturing and the latest subject-specific research methods. Graduates have skills to plan and assess various reaction channels and procedures in the area of polymer manufacturing and characterization. The comprehensive, hands-on program offered at the JKU Linz enables graduates to reliably handle the raw materials required for polymer manufacturing as well as effectively use equipment to handle, manufacture and characterize polymer products. Graduates can conduct experiments and testing series as well as systematically and thoroughly conduct observation and documentation. Graduates are in a position to professionally interpret experimentally acquired data and view results in a larger context.

Career Prospects

The program offers students sound education with base-knowledge designed to be consistent with the various demands of different occupations in the fields of polymer chemistry. Students link theory and practice by participating in internships, attending lab courses that correspond to the lectures, and submitting a final academic thesis. The Master’s degree program in Polymer Chemistry conveys modern strategies and methods designed to create, utilize and relay information.

Special Features of the Master's Degree Program in Polymer Chemistry

An overview of the unique and exclusive features of the Master’s degree program in Polymer Chemistry at the JKU Linz:

  • Intensive support provided by diverse cooperation efforts with plastics producing and processing industries
  • International involvement through parternships with globally active companies in the Polymer Chemistry graduate degree program
  • Access to cutting-edge technical equipment at modern, well-equipped polymer institutes
  • Broad compilation of JKU institutes involved in the field of polymer engineering at the JKU
  • Close cooperation with polymer engineering institutes

Academic Degree Program / Length

Academic Degree Program: Master’s Degree in Polymer Chemistry
Degree Awarded: Diplom-Ingenieurin/Diplom-Ingenieur or Dipl.-Ing. or Dipl.-Ing (JKU) or DI or DI (JKU)
Program Length: 4 semesters

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