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Master's Degree Program in Industrial Engineering - Technical Chemistry

The Master’s degree program in Industrial Engineering – Technical Chemistry is offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the Johannes Kepler University is an extension of the Bachelor’s degree program in Technical Chemistry, Chemistry or a similar field of study. The program has been designed especially for chemists and offers academically sound education in engineering, natural sciences and business administration. The program conveys broad expert knowledge on an advanced academic level in various areas of chemistry, chemical technologies, process engineering and management, including in-depth studies in engineering and business education. Internships and courses offered throughout the program ensure a successful combination of academic theory and hands-on practice. The program has been designed to prepare students to qualify for demanding jobs in research, development and company management where chemically relevant academic knowledge and business methods in management are required. The Master’s degree program Industrial Engineering – Technical Chemistry focuses the following:

  • Broad, in-depth education in to fundamental academic aspects of chemistry, chemical technologies (inorganic and organic materials) as well as process engineering combined with studies in business management
  • Expert-level knowledge corresponding to an advanced level of science acquired through collaborating on research projects in the context of the Master’s thesis
  • Skills to work independently and be creative by applying interdisciplinary approaches when having to address issues in chemistry and technology as well as business problems
  • Implementing innovative approaches to develop and improve chemical synthesis, procedres and facility designs using business management skills
  • Skills to critically assess the impact of new technologies within society as well as in regards to the environment
  • Skill sets such as communication skills, language proficiency, presentation techniques, teamwork skills and a focus on legal aspects and policies in gender equality

Career Prospects

The program’s broad nature gives graduates have a high degree of flexibility and graduates are qualified to fill various professional occupations such as management positions in research, development and production in a chemical production (industry) or related fields (pharmaceutical industry, food technologies, biotechnologies, metallurgies, energy management/engineering, etc.)

  • Production in the chemical industry as well as in related fields
  • Company management and technical management positions
  • Activities including consulting and providing expert assessment for insurance purposes and/or government related fields
  • Areas of strategic planning and development, environmental protection and occupational safety

To successfully meet the demands of professions in multinational environments (EU institutions, internationally active companies), a number of individual courses and special courses in management will be held in English.

Academic Degree Program / Length

Degree Program: Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering – Technical Chemistry
Degree Awarded: Diplom-Ingenieurin/Diplom-Ingenieur or Dipl.Ing. or Dipl.-Ing. (JKU) or DI or DI (JKU)
Program Length: 4 semesters

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