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For School Students

Would you like to expand your knowledge in the fields of engineering and/or natural sciences? Combine theory and hands-on practice?
Upper Austria's most comprehensive program for gifted school students can offer that and more: JKU Young Scientists

Why should you take part in the JKU Young Scientists program?

Your Personal Use - Benefit Analysis

Your Part

Your Advantages

Take part in 6 to 10 workshops* on Fridays and/or Saturdays* during the school year

Choose from 6 programs

Complete at least 80% of the workshop sessions to be able to complete an internship

Dive into the world of research at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz

* depends on the selected program

Experience exciting subject-specific workshops in your favorite subjects!


Meet internationally recognized experts and use their knowledge to help complete your pre-academic paper or Diploma degree thesis


Take advantage of company partners and apply for an internship at a company in Upper Austria or at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz during the summer.


Learn about degree programs and occupational fields - the best support when choosing a major or profession

NEW! We provide support services for pre-academic paper or Diploma degree thesis!

Are you looking for a topic for your final paper? Do you need help or support conducting research?
We provide the following support services for participants in the JKU Young Scientists program:

  • Professional consultation and academic advising by experts at the Johannes Kepler University Linz
  • Access to literature and materials at our libraries
  • Use of scientific equipment for lab experiments (by appointment)

Who can take part in the JKU Young Scientists program?

The "JKU Young Scientists" program has been especially designed for students at upper level AHS and BHS schools who are interested in STEM fields (mathematics, computer sciences, natural sciences, and engineering). We also welcome school students from other types of schools as well!

What is the JKU Young Scientists Program schedule?

Click here to register for the "JKU Young Scientists in Mathematics" workshops in Summer Semester by March 31, 2017.
The registration deadline for the other programs ended on November 13, 2016.

Which JKU Young Scientist Program is the Right One for You?

Are You Interested in Key 21st Century Technologies?
The JKU Young Computer Scientists program focuses on fascinating topics such as computer graphics, bioinformatics, digital worlds and internet security.


Do You Want to Build Your Own Phone?
The JKU Young Scientists in Electronics & Information Technology program teaches students how to develop electronic circuits and how programming can bring things to life.


Would Like to Apply Mathematical Theory to Real-World Problems?
The JKU Young Scientists in Mathematics program helps you train your math muscles to logically analyze, model and solve complex problems.


Are You Fascinated By Mechanics, Electronics and Computer Sciences?
Everyday appliances - such as coffee makers for example - often contain intelligent electronic systems. The JKU Young Mechatronics Scientists program looks at what kind of conditions are required to create modern systems as well as allow complex robots to work efficiently.


Do You Want To Take a Closer Look at Surfaces and Atomic Compositions That Determine Structure and Solid Structures?
Then the JKU Young Physics Scientists program is for you.


Are You Interested in Chemistry and Want to Know Exactly What Is Behind PET, PE and PEE?
The JKU Young Polymer Scientists program provides insight into theoretical and experimental base-knowledge of polymer synthesis, characterization and processing.


Still have questions?

Just send an e-mail to: youngscientists(/\t) - we are happy to help!