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Program Overview

The JKU Young Scientists program is made up of the following programs:


Are You Interested in Key 21st Century Technologies?↵
The JKU Young Computer Scientists program focuses on the fascinating world of computer graphics, bioinformatics, digital worlds and internet security.


Do You Want to Build Your Own Mobile Phone?↵
Take part in the JKU Young Scientists in Electronics & Information Technology program and learn how to develop electronic circuits as well as the programming needed to bring them to life.


Do You Want to Learn How to Apply Mathematical Theory to Real World Problems?
The JKU Young Scientists in Mathematics program gives you an opportunity to learn how to apply mathematics practically as well as analyze, model and solve complex problems.


Are You Interested in the Combination of Mechanics, Electronics, and Computer Sciences?
Everyday appliances, such as coffee machines for example, often contain amazing intelligent electronics. The JJKU Young Mechatronics Scientists program can show you what kind of technical conditions are required in order for modern systems and complex robots to work efficiently.


Do You Wish to Take a Closer Look at Surfaces, Atomic Composition, and Determine Solid-State Structures?
Then the JKU Young Physics Scientists program is for you!


Are You Interested in Chemistry and Want to Know More About PET, PE and PEE?
The JKU Young Polymer Scientists program provides insight into theoretical and experimental bases of polymer synthesis, characterization, and processing.


Do you still have any questions?

Then send an e-mail to: youngscientists(/\t) - we can help!