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Invent a Chip Quiz

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Announcing the winners of the individual and school quiz! Click here to find out who they are. ...  more of Invent a Chip Quiz (Titel)

Invent a Chip Brochure

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Everything you need to know about the quiz and workshops. (German only). ...  more of Invent a Chip Brochure (Titel)

Closing Ceremony

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... will take place on June 28, 2016, in Vienna! ...  more of Closing Ceremony (Titel)

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The next program will begin in October 2016 - take advantage of the opportunity and take part! Together we will develop a computer chip, starting from the conceptual idea to testing the actual chip.


  • Target group: School students from upper level AHS schools and BHS schools in Austria
  • Grades: 6th-8th AHS / 2nd-5th BHS
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Required pre-requisites: None – Your interests and talent alone counts!
  • New program begins: October 2016

What is the Goal of the "Invent-a-Chip" Workshop?

Together with fellow school students and under the guidance of experts from the Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIC) at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, you will focus on the topics of the Internet of Things and Ambient Assisted Living. A network of ever smaller embedded computers support people in their everyday lives and also link objects together. Microchips are a very important part of fulfilling these tasks.

Normally it takes several years to develop a computer chip. The workshops, however, are accelerated and you can take part in every step of the planning, production, and testing process for a computer chip, plus add your own ideas.

Together with "ams", we will produce our Invent a Chip - Microchip (worth € 15,000)! At the closing ceremony, participants will present and demonstrate the chip.

No Technical Background?
We don't just need engineers but also project managers and marketing experts! The team needs your individual skills and strengths in order to achieve a common goal.

How Does the Invent-a-Chip Program Work?

The program is a series of workshops that takes place during October and February at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz. In between there are e-learning phases and the option to take part in other events:

  • Excursions
  • Video conferences
  • Interviews with experts in business / industry and research
  • Study Fairs
  • Other events
application/pdfInvent a Chip Brochure (1.7 MB, PDF, German only)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Du hast noch offene Fragen zum Workshop? Kein Problem! Hier findest du die meist gestellten Fragen mit unseren Antworten. Falls dir danach immer noch was unklar sein sollte, kannst du uns gerne jederzeit kontaktieren.

  • A Look Back at the Class of 2015/16

    Der Jahrgang 2015/16 ist bereits voll im Gange. Rund 70 SchülerInnen aus ganz Österreich tüffteln gerade an einem Computer Chip, der die Qualität lebensrettender Medikamente und Transfusionen (Blut/Plasma), auch nach längerem Transport, sicherstellen soll.

  • Contact

    Du willst noch mehr über Invent a Chip erfahren? Dann kontaktiere uns! Wir stehen dir gerne via Email oder persönlich am Telefon zur Verfügung. Außerdem findest du hier Informationen zur Anfahrt und eine Wegbeschreibung.