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Invent a Chip Quiz

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Announcing the winners of the individual and school quiz! Click here to find out who they are. ...  more of Invent a Chip Quiz (Titel)

Invent a Chip Brochure

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Everything you need to know about the quiz and workshops. (German only). ...  more of Invent a Chip Brochure (Titel)

Closing Ceremony

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... will take place on June 28, 2016, in Vienna! ...  more of Closing Ceremony (Titel)

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For Teachers / Schools

The Invent-a-Chip program gives students from the 6th-8th classes at AHS schools and 2nd-5th classes at BHS schools in Austria an opportunity to learn more about technologies of the future, including micro electronics and nano electronics. The program includes a quiz and a two-part workshop that takes place in the fall and during the spring.

Support for Your Classroom Instruction

Teaching materials:

Would like to touch on the topic of computer chips during your class and require teaching materials? Contact us! We would be happy to provide an individual solution to support your classroom lessons.


Would you like to boost your students' interest in computer chips or touch on a special topic? We can bring the world of computer chips right to your classroom. We offer one or two-hour workshop sessions on the following:

  • How is a chip created?
  • Why would I want to be a chip designer?
  • What does my smartphone look like from the inside?

Would you prefer to focus on an individual topic about computer chips with your students? We can help!