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Definition of a Bachelor's, Master's and Diplom Degree Program

What is a Bachelor's Degree Program?

In general, a Bachelor's degree program is 6 semesters. Those wishing to enroll in a Bachelor's degree program must have successfully passed his/her school-leaving examinations, or the university enrollment eligibility examination, or a vocational matriculation examination. Since 2005, few degree programs have imposed restrictions on admission. In general, a Bachelor's degree program is 180 ECTS credits (students should complete 30 per semester).

What is a Master's Degree Program?

In general, a Master's degree program is 4 semesters (120 ECTS credits). Students wishing to pursue a Master's degree must have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree program (180 ECTS credits). Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs together equal a Diploma degree program, which can be a little longer of a program.

What is a Diploma Degree Program?

Diploma degree programs at universities consist of 2 or 3 parts of study and students graduate with the academic degree of

  • Magister/Magistra (in Humanities and Cultural Studies, Natural Sciences, Law, Social Sciences, Economics & Business, Teacher Education studies, Theology, Architecture, and Veterinary Medicine),
  • Degreed Engineer (in Engineering) or
  • Doctor (in Human Medicine or Dentistry).