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Admission to a Bachelor's Degree or Diploma Degree Program

Procedures regarding admission to a Bachelor's degree or Diploma degree program depend on where the applicant has completed his/her secondary education (school-leaving examinations, etc.)

Admission Requirements for Austrian Applicants to a Bachelor's or Diploma Degree Program

Prospective students wishing to apply to one of the following Bachelor's degree programs must complete an admissions procedure in order to enroll:

If you are interested in a degree program that has a special admissions procedure, please adhere to the deadlines and terms for admission. Click here for additional information.

Online Pre-Registration

Before you enroll in a degree program in person at the Admission Office at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, you must first enter information by completing a two-part online pre-enrollment procedure.

Online Pre-Registration for Winter Semester: May 1 to November 29

Online Pre-Registration for Summer Semester: December 1 to April 30

Click here for information and the link to the pre-registration form.


To complete enrollment, please come to the Admissions Office (Bank Building, 1st floor) during the corresponding deadlines. The information entered during the online pre-enrollment procedure will be verified using documents you provide and then entered into the system.

To enroll in a degree program at the university, please bring the following documents (in the original) or a certified copy (official certification verifying the correctness, such as through a notary public):

  • Valid passport or proof of citizenship with an official photo ID
  • Proof of university qualification requirements (such as an Austrian Matura diploma, passing the University Enrollment Eligibility Examination, Berufsreifezeugnis in Austria, etc.)
  • Proof of having a Social Insurance number (such as an E-card)
  • Printed confirmation of successful pre-enrollment
  • If applicable, confirmation in regards any change of name in the event that names on certain documents do not match (i.e. marriage certificate)
  • If applicable, departure documents if you are transferring from another university (when continuing with the same major)
  • If applicable, proof in regards to having successfully completed a degree program (diploma, conferral documents, etc.)

When the admissions process has been completed, you will receive a student ID card – the Kepler Card. You will need your KeplerCard to access the university parking lot and use the library. The Kepler Card serves as an official form of ID and allows you to make cashless payments both on and off campus (integrated chip function).

After completing the admissions process, you will be required to pay tuition by the end of the corresponding semester's grace period.

After completing the admissions process, students may then register for classes in accordance with the corresponding deadlines .

Please note: the deadline for admission to a Bachelor's degree or Diploma degree program ends September 5 (Winter Semester) or on February 5 (Summer Semester). Admission during the grace period (to November 30 during Winter Semester and to April 30 during Summer Semester) is permitted only in exceptional cases.
Admission to the Multi-Media Program in Law takes place during the on-site phase which can be within the grace period.

Admission Requirements for International Applicants to a Bachelor's or Diploma Degree Program

  • Form - "Application for Admission"
  • Secondary school diplomas, including a transcript of all subjects and grades
  • If applicable, proof of having passed a university entrance examination*
  • If applicable, proof of having completed preparatory studies, such as a transcript, conferral documentation, curriculum*
  • Proof of special university admission qualifications**: This does not have to be handed in if the applicant's citizenship is from an EU or EEA country or if the applicant is refugee or asylum-seeker
  • Legally certified/notarized copy of your passport

*Depending on the country in which the secondary school diploma was issued, proof of university admission and/or proof of subject-specific preliminary studies may be required for admission to the Johannes Kepler University.

**The special university confirmation is a confirmation that you have the right to study the degree chosen at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz at a state-recognized university in the country where your higher secondary school certificate / study degree was awarded. The special university confirmation may not be older than three months at the time of applying and must include: your name, the date of the confirmation, the detailed name of the chosen study program and the indication that you meet all the admission requirements to study at an accredited university in the country where your higher secondary school certificate / degree was issued (for the semester in which you would also like to start studying at JKU Linz or apply for admission).

Please submit all official documentation in the original or submit a verified copy. All documents must include the corresponding verifications and proof of authenticity. Foreign language documents must be translated into German (unless the responsible authorities have issued the documents in English). Information on the verification and German translation of all required documentation and application deadlines can be found below.

After submission of all required documentation to the Admissions Office at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, applications will be reviewed to ensure all criteria has been met. Students will be notified of admission by letter. Please adhere to all application deadlines and submit your application in due time as the review procedure can take up to a few weeks.

Students who fulfill all application requirements will be notified of admission by letter. If the Letter of Admission states you must pass supplementary examinations, you will first be enrolled under the status of: außerordentliche/r Studierende/r. Students not subject to supplementary examinations will be admitted directly to their academic degree program of choice.

There is NO APPLICATION FEE to apply to the program. Applications prepared and submitted by an agency are not necessary and does not influence or affect the outcome of the admissions procedure.