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Human Medicine - Master's Degree Program

The following six-semester Master's degree program in Human Medicine focuses on ageing and health services research will be carried out entirely at the JKU. During the practical clinical year, students not only focus on acquiring professional skills, but also developing a strong social skill set. During the second year, students are required to write an academic graduate thesis. The Master's degree program is scheduled to begin in Winter Semester 2017/2018.

There are 60 spots in the Master's degree program for Human Medicine at the JKU for the 2017/2018 academic year. The program is expected to be at full capacity by 2025/2026 and accept up to 300 students.

Degree Awarded:
Successful completion of the program includes successfully passing all academic requirements in accordance with the curriculum, including the successful completion of a Master's degree thesis and autonomous coursework. Students will be awarded the academic title "" which fufills all requirement to practice medicine as a medical doctor and physician.

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