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Costs & Financial Services


Although the majority of students are exempt from tuition fees, all students are required to pay the Austrian Student Union fee. Click here for more information on Student Union fees.

In addition to tuition fees, consider all of the additional educational costs required to study at the university, such as the cost of books, copies, and supplies. Many students neglect to calculate the costs of books into their budget. Books and other learning materials can be accessed and checked out at the main campus library.

JKU students who park on campus will be subject to parking fees.

If you use public transportation, the LINZ AG offers special student discount fares.

You can neither study on a full stomach nor an empty one! The university cafeteria Mensa offers numerous meal choices for students, faculty and staff at prices designed to fit every budget.
The Mensa Markt is located directly on campus; the cafeterias at the Raab Heim and KHG Heim are located in close proximity to the university.

Students also need to consider the cost of housing. Rent for an apartment or a room at a student dormitory should be calculated into your budget.

Financial Services

The questions students today face in regards to financing university studies is of significant importance. There are various options and opportunities to help finance your studies, including student allowances, scholarships, grants, etc. which are associated with various conditions and prerequisites. You can find additional information, including contact addresses, here: