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Admissions Office
Bank Building, 1st Floor, Rm. 113 A/B
T +43 732 2468 3180, -3272, -3274

Helpful Tips

Hier den Alternativtext zum Bild eingeben!

Standorte von Servicepoints findest Du im Campusfaltplan.

Überall hier kannst du am Campus bargeldlos bezahlen: Kopierer, Parkautomat, Getränkeautomat, Mensa, Ch@t- und Science Café.

Informationen zum JKU Parkplatz findest Du unter

Mit dem ÖH-Mensabonus von 75 Cent/Tag werden Studierende gefördert, die weniger als €170/Monat für Lebensmittel zur Verfügung haben. Gültig in den Mensen der JKU, des KHG- und Raab Heims.

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Step 3: Getting Your JKU Card

After officially enrolling in your degree program at the university, you will receive your own personal student ID number. You will then be able to get a JKU Card at the Admissions Office. The JKU Card (formerly referred to as the Kepler Card) is an official photo ID card that identifies you as a student at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. The expiration date must be current. The date can be printed on to the card at any Service Point terminal.

NOTE! You must have already paid the Austrian Student Union fee beforehand and, if applicable, tuition fees.

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