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Welcome to the Johannes Kepler University

By choosing your university and major you have made an important life decision. We are very happy that you have chosen to attend the JKU. During the university's past 50 years, generations of students have successfully completed their studies at the JKU. We at the JKU provide education that also molds and shapes individual traits. Studies are not just about acquiring academic knowledge; we also invest in knowledge for knowledge's sake. This is a fundamental in order to become more confident and sure-footed in an ever-changing world.
The JKU has much to offer. Take advantage of the opportunity to courageously explore the unknown. Be curious, study, and challenge your instructors. Take a stance and then reconsider. Enjoy the beautiful JKU campus and make close friends for life. My hope is that the JKU becomes a place where you can successfully develop your skills and talents.