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May 2014

The JKU Involved in Large Scale EU Projects

Under Univ.Prof. Dr. Alois Ferscha, the Institute of Pervasive Computing is involved in a long line of research projects as well as numerous scientific publications and is the recipient of many awards (including the Innovation Award 2009 presented by the state of Upper Austria). The institute can now add involvement in large-scale EU base knowledge research projects to its repertoire of activities. Prof. Ferscha and his team are currently developing sensor-based recognition and prediction methods to predict human situations and activities – the basis for a variety of modern computer solutions such as “intelligent” rooms, cars, tools, clothing and furniture. The EU project FET (FET – Future and Emerging Technologies) is an EU research initiative that examines automatic situation-aware systems based on technical sensors such as the effects of embedded – hidden – computer systems within large collective systems.

Family Run Businesses in Austria as an Economic Factor – Long-Term Success Over Many Generations

A survey of businesses conducted by the JKU institutes Controlling and Consulting, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development, Corporate Finance and Applied Statistics revealed that family-run firms tend to operate longer and over many generations than non-family run businesses. The survey polled both Austrian family-run businesses and non-family run enterprises with a minimum of 50 employees.