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January 2014

Computer Crash can be Stressful: Initial Biological Proof by Measuring Stress Hormone Levels

It’s an all too familiar scenario: working on the computer and then without warning, the computer suddenly crashes. This type of situation can be stressful. Together with the Linz General Hospital and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the Johannes Kepler University is taking a closer look at this type of “technology stress” and has found initial biological proof for this type of pressure.

3D Experience without Glasses

Two dimensional viewing could soon be a thing of the past. In the future, integral imaging systems will enable comfortable, three dimensional viewing experiences without glasses. Scientists at the Institute of Computer Graphics at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz have developed a revolutionary process designed to elongate or compress light fields resulting in the ability to customized images to any desired size or ratio and without any unnatural distortion.

Inaugural Lectures at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, JKU

  • On Monday, January 16, 2012, the Johannes Kepler University Linz extended an invitation to attend inaugural lectures by Univ.Prof. Dr. Evelyn Buckwar (Institute of Stochastics) and Univ.Prof. Dr. Andreas Stelzer (Institute for Communications Engineering and RF-Systems). Over 100 guests were in attendance in the university’s Rep. Rooms to hear both new faculty members talk about their respective current fields of research.
  • Additional information is available below. The photos may be used free of charge, credit: JKU. The "Group Photo" from left to right: Council Chairman Prof. Hans Irschik, Dean Erich Peter Klement, Prof. Evelyn Buckwar, Prof. Andreas Stelzer, Rector Richard Hagelauer

Upper Austria Backs Polymer Engineering Studies: Cutting-Edge Field as an Investment in the Future. Press conference on January 16, 2012


  • KommR Viktor Sigl, Councilman for Economic Affairs
  • Mag. Doris Hummer, Councilwoman for Education/Research
  • Univ.Prof. DDr. Herbert Kalb, Vice-Rector of Teaching at the JKU
  • DI Dr. Friedrich Kastner, CEO ifw Manfred Otte Ltd., board spokesman, Plastics Cluster
  • Mag. Anke Merkl-Rachbauer, TMG / Project Management Plastics, Upper Austria
  • DI Christian Altmann, Head of the Plastics Cluster