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May 2014

Last Call for Business Experts of Tomorrow

Education is the key to a career, especially in economically difficult times. Business Administration and Social Economics are just two of many majors offered at the JKU. Business Administration studies offer a broad starting point in business and economics and Social Economics, offered only at the JKU, is the only major of its kind in Austria. Legal changes regarding enrollment in both of these degree programs are now in effect. Prospective students interested in enrolling in one of these Bachelor degree programs beginning Winter Semester 2013/2014 or beginning Summer Semester 2014 are now required to apply for selective admission to one of the programs. The first step is to pre-register online at the JKU by the May 31st deadline. Prospective students can pre-register online by going to The admission procedure also requires that applicants submit a Letter of Motivation to the university. The essay can be uploaded online.

New CD Lab at the JKU

The new Christian Doppler laboratory for “Efficient Intermodal Transport Operations” officially opened at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz on Wednesday, May 8. With the support of the Ministry of Economy, researchers at the lab will spend the next seven years analyzing and exploring ways to create new and more efficient solutions in support of transporting passengers and freight goods.

Federal Minister Töchterle Opens the JKU Polymer Technology Center

The new Polymer Technology Center opened in buildings 2 and 3 on May 13 at the JKU Science Park. The center not only provides better conditions for students and faculty in the field of polymer engineering, but also increases the attractiveness in cooperative research with international polymer companies. Beginning in Winter Semester 2013/14, academic degree programs in the field of polymer engineering technologies will be added at JKU, bringing them up to international standards.

  • application/pdfPress Release: Polymer Technology Center (47KB, German only)
  • image/pjpegPhoto 1 (2.4 MB, r to l: Rector Hagelauer, Prof. Zoltan Major, Councilwoman Doris Hummer, Federal Minister Töchterle, Prof. Reinhold Lang, Prof. Jürgen Miethlinger, Prof. Georg Steinbichler; Photo: JKU)
  • image/pjpegPhoto 2 (1.5 MB, l to r: Rector Hagelauer, Minister Töchterle, Prof. Major; Photo: JKU)
  • image/pjpegPhoto 3 (1.6 MB, l to r Dipl.-Bw. Kühner, Prof. Lang, Minister Töchterle, Councilwoman Hummer, Rector Hagelauer, Dr. Neumann; Photo: JKU)

Distinguished Guests: JKU Hosts Delegation from Abu Dhabi

The Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz has long established itself in the international research sector and fosters international cooperation with numerous countries, including the United Arab Emirates. In support of cooperation efforts, on Monday Dr. Ismail A. Tag (Acting President and Provost, The Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi) and Dr. Al Hajri (Director of External Relations and Collaboration, The Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi) visited the University of Linz.

Photos free of charge, credit: JKU. from left: Rector Hagelauer, Dr. Tag, Dr. Al Hajri, Prof. Paulik.

Double Honor Bestowed to H.E. Yousef Omair Bin Yousef

In recognition of outstanding services in support of Polymer Engineering Technologies at the JKU and in Upper Austria, today His Excellency Yousef Omair Bin Yousef (former General Director of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), former Oil Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as initiator and long-time board member of the Petroleum Institute (PI)) was conferred as honorary senator of the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz and presented with the Gold Medal of Honor by the State of Upper Austria.

  • application/pdfPress Release (61KB, German)
  • image/pjpegBild1_ger.JPG (760KB, from left to right: Dean Erich Peter Klement, Chairperson of the Senate Hans Irschik, Professor Reinhold W. Lang, H.E. Yousef Omair Bin Yousef, Rector Richard Hagelauer)
  • image/pjpegBild2_ger.JPG (768KB, from left to right: H.E. Yousef Omair Bin Yousef with Governor of Upper Austria Josef Pühringer)