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December 2014

School Students Select Andreas Wöß as the Winner of the Adolf Adam Computer Science Award

On December 19, 2013, the Adolf Adam Computer Science Award was presented at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz in recognition of the best Master’s degree thesis from the past year. Four finalists presented their work in front of a jury of over 250 school students from ten different local schools. Students then voted for the winner via text message. Andreas Wöß emerged as the clear winner after presenting his work titled "Self-Optimizing Interpreter – Program Execution with Turbo Effects".

Controversy Surrounding Drones over Austria

We have all seen and heard about drones, mostly through reports on US military operations but the truth is that in many civilian areas drones have also long since conquered the skies, even in Austria. Legal experts at the Institute of International Law (JKU, Linz) warn however that there is a problem with the use of drones which can create legal issues and have serious legal implications.

PISA Study: Gender Differences Are Not New

The PISA Study published yesterday once again showed significant differences in test results between boys and girls. Girls especially scored poorer in mathematics. However, the increase in gender differences can be explained in part by a sample bias taken in 2003.

Linz Medical School: JKU is Ready to Go!

A historic event for the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz: Earlier this week, the University Council and Senate formally approved the establishment of the Medical School and will back measures in support of the new Medical School. The first class of students is expected to begin medical studies at the JKU starting Winter Semester 2014/2015. The only outstanding decision required to “seal the deal” is that of the National Council; the Council is expected to render its decision by the end of January 2014.

“Changing Tires at Full Speed” – JKU Computer Scientist Revolutionizes Server Maintenance

We have all experienced a situation in which the computer system has to undergo maintenance and work is thus put on hold, especially at a time in which it is least convenient. In the past, updating the system required shutting it down and rebooting it. This used to be a big problem for complex server systems and many software companies have searched for a viable alternative solution. In his dissertation at the JKU titled “Dynamic Code Evolution for Java”, Dr. Thomas Würthinger has succeeded in addressing the issue. This milestone will now be rewarded with the presentation of the prestigious “Heinz Zemanek Award”. Dr. Würthinger, a 2012 “Sub Auspiciis Praesidentis” doctoral graduate, now heads an Oracle Research Lab which primarily employs JKU CompSci graduates.