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April 2015

Austrian President Heinz Fischer Honors Outstanding Doctoral Students at the JKU

At a ceremony on Wednesday, April 29, 2015, Austrian President Heinz Fischer honored two doctoral candidates at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz for their outstanding academic achievements, presenting each candidate with a Ring of Honor on behalf of the Republic of Austria. DI Johannes Höller, BSc. and DI Gerhard Prechtl, BSc. each received their doctorate degree in Technical Sciences under the auspices of the President of Austria.

Photos: Credit: JKU/Eder, free of charge

1_Höller: President Dr. Heinz Fischer presents Ring of Honor to DI Dr. Johannes Höller, BSc
2_Prechtl: President Dr. Heinz Fischer presents Ring of Honor to DI Dr. Gerhard Prechtl, BSc
3_Prechtl 2: President Dr. Heinz Fischer and DI Dr. Gerhard Prechtl, BSc
4_Höller_Group: from left: Priv.Doc. DI Dr. Robert Zillich (Institute of Theortical Physics), Dr. Johannes Höller, Univ.Prov. DI Dr. Bernhard Jakoby (head of the Institute of Microelectronics and Microsensors), Rector Richard Hagelauer
5_Prechtl_Group: from left: Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Martin Schagerl, Prof. Bernhard Jakoby, Dr. Gerhard Prechtl, Rector Richard Hagelauer

Study Areas around the JKU’s Largest Auditorium to be Re-Designed

With the support of “Campusland Oberösterreich” and Mag. Doris Hummer (Upper Austrian State Minister for Education, Science and Research, Women and Youth), the JKU will re-design the study zone located around HS 1 (Raiffeisen-Saal), the JKU’s largest auditorium. The improvements are in response to a request submitted by students and the JKU chapter of the Austrian Student Union. The new project will cost € 80,000; the JKU will cover half of the costs and “Campusland Oberösterreich” will cover the other half.

Photos (free of charge):

Study Zone: New Study Zone Design around HS1 (Raiffeisen Auditorium) at the JKU
Credit JKU
Hagelauer: JKU Rector Prof. Richard Hagelauer
Credit: JKU
Hummer: Mag. Doris Hummer (Upper Austrian State Minister for Education, Science and Research, Women and Youth)
Credit: Land OÖ
Obrovsky:JKU Austrian Student Union Chairman Michael Obrovsky
Credit: ÖH JKU

Podium Discussion on Conditions to Conduct Top Medical Research in Upper Austria

A podium discussion about the new Faculty of Medicine (MED) established in Fall 2014 at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz took place on April 23, 2015, at the Dumfarth Law Offices. Dean Prof. Meinhard Lukas, JKU Rector-elect and MED project leader, took part in discussions with two young physicians as to how Upper Austria can become an attractive medical research site and what conditions the young doctors would need to be able to conduct top medical research.

The Flow of Life: Reproduction Supports Mutations

In cooperation with the Linz State Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Assist. Prof. Irene Tiemann-Boege and Barbara Arbeithuber, MA.rer.nat. (Institute for Biophysics, Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz) have made a stunning discovery: They have been able to show that meiosis, an essential part of reproduction, begets mutations. The successful research was funded by the Austrian Science Fund and has already been honored by the Upper Austrian state government.

Historical Account of a PoW Camp where the JKU is Located Now

According to research conducted by JKU researcher Mag. Christopher Frank (Institute for Legal Gender Studies, JKU), the site of the JKU Science Park served as a camp for Russian prisoners during WWII. Christopher Frank’s research work focuses on this topic.

Application Procedure for 2 Undergraduate Degree Programs at the JKU: Application Deadline for Business and Social Economics is May 15, 2015

Prospective students wishing to enroll in an undergraduate degree program in Business or Social Economics at the JKU for the 2015/2016 academic year or beginning Summer Semester 2016 must complete a multi-step admission process. The first step is to register on the JKU homepage between March 1 and May 15, 2015 at: If the quota for both degree programs is exceeded by 1,060 spots, applicants will be asked to write and submit a letter of motivation by June 10, 2015. Applicants will also be asked to take a written entrance examination on July 7, 2015.

597 Applications (+75%) for the Medical Degree Program at the JKU

Applications for admission to the medical degree program at the Faculty of Medicine, Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz were accepted from March 1 – 31, 2015. 597 applicants will vie for one of the 60 available spots in the program for the 2015/2016 academic year, up 75% from the number of applicants from last year (2014: 342 applications).

14th JKU Wilhelm Macke Award Presented to DI Andreas Karner

The Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz not only places great importance on scientific and academic achievement, but also on how to successfully deliver complex material in a comprehensible way. Under the motto “out of the ivory tower”, three finalists selected by the Wilhelm Macke Foundation presented their research work to an audience of school students on Thursday, April 9. The students also served as the jury, voting for the best presentation. DI Andreas Karner was selected as the recipient of this year’s Wilhelm Macke Award.

Please see the press release below for more information. Photos free of charge, credit: JKU. Additional photos available upon request.

An Electro-Hydraulic Heart for Modern Machines and Equipment

Researchers at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz have made a major breakthrough in oscillating pump technology. These pumps directly convert electro-hydraulic power and have numerous applications for devices and machinery. In support of technological advancement, researchers and scientists are always looking for ways to increase and improve power density and energy efficiency. Many international companies have already expressed interest in the application.

Photo, from left: Eugenio Leati, MSc, DI Dr. Florian Poltschak in front of the oscillation pump
Photo 2: oscillation pump