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May 2015

3 Years of "Campusland Upper Austria" - Joint Umbrella Organization for Universities in Upper Austria

Since mid-2012, all eight universities in Upper Austria have come together to create one umbrella organization called "Campusland OÖ". Initiated by Doris Hummer (Upper Austrian State Minister for Education, Science and Research, Women and Youth), the organization aims to support and promote Upper Austria both nationally and internationally and showcase this area as an attractive location to pursue studies or an academic career. On Friday, May 29, 2015, members of the press were invited to take a look events from the at the past year, learn more about the successful collaboration between universities and learn more about future plans and even stronger cooperation efforts.

Outstanding School Students Presented with the Dr. Hans Riegel Awards and the “Young Scientists Awards”

Exceptional academic achievement by school students was honored at a ceremony on May 28, 2015, as the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz, the State Education Authority of Upper Austria, and the Private Non-Profit Kaiserschild Foundation presented awards to the winners of this year’s Dr. Hans Reigel Award. We are also pleased to announce that submissions for this year’s award have doubled over last year!

Guest Speaker Prof. Reiner Quick at the 9th Karl Vodrazka Colloquium at the JKU

Attendance was strong at the 9th annual Karl Vodrazka Colloquium on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, as an audience of over 80 people was on hand to listen to Prof. Reiner Quick’s presentation titled "Zur Erweiterung des Bestätigungsvermerks".

Please see the press release below for detailed information. Photos free of charge, photo credit: JKU.

Photo: from left below: Hertha Vodrazka, Prof. Karl Vodrazka; Top: Prof. Ewald Aschauer, Prof. Dorothea Greiling, Prof. Helmut Pernsteiner, Dean Johann Bacher, Prof. Reiner Quick, Prof. Roman Rohatschek

BikerSOS: JKU App Can Save Lives

Students at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz not only learn in the classroom but learn from life lessons as well. Hands-on academic degree programs can lead to some exciting developments, including the new “BikerSOS” app developed by two JKU students. The app can autonomously detect motorcycle accidents and automatically alert emergency services.

EU Award for Exceptional Research: JKU Prof. Widmer Receives the “ERC Advanced Grant”

The European Research Council recently presented JKU professor Gerhard Widmer with an “ERC Advanced Grant” accompanied with 2.3 million euros. The JKU now has 5 ERC grants. ERC grants provide EU funding for targeted researchers and their base-knowledge research projects. Prof. Widmer’s project titled "Getting at the Heart of Things: Towards Expressivity-aware Computer Systems in Music" ("Con Espressione") pursues a revolutionary objective of not only teaching computers to recognize musical expression and the essence of music, but apply it automatically as well.
Future applications in the music world could have a whole new aspect, such as creating a search engine that could search and determine music containing expressive content (i.e. "find me a song with dramatic interpretation"); computers that could find fitting background music (for use in media productions and in the gaming industry); or serve as musical accompaniment, playing together with musicians and responding accordingly to their piece (such as automatic accompaniment for practicing soloists).See the press release below for detailed information.

Photo: Prof. Gerhard Widmer
Photo credit: Barbara Gindl/APA/

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New JKU Technikum Building

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015, JKU Rector Richard Hagelauer, JKU Rector-elect Meinhard Lukas, State Minister Doris Hummer, BIG CEO Hans-Peter Weiss, and other representatives from the JKU and BIG took part in a groundbreaking ceremony for the new JKU Technikum building. Construction on the 4.3 million euro JKU Technikum building officially began on April 21. The new, two-story laboratory building will provide over 1,400 sq. meters of space for labs, a machine shop, and additional rooms for institutes at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. The building is expected to be structurally complete by the middle of this year and completely finished by the end of this year.

Photos: Credit: JKU/Eder, free of charge

1_ GroundbreakingCer _All: Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Technikum building at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz campus by (from l) DI David Schneider (BIG project manager JKU Technikum), DI Maximilian Pammer (head of Unternehmensbereich Universitäten, BIG), Dean Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Meinhard Lukas (JKU Rector-elect), Mag. Doris Hummer (Upper Austrian State Minister for Education, Science and Research, Women and Youth), o.Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Richard Hagelauer (JKU Rector), DI Hans-Peter Weiss (CEO of BIG), Mag. Alexander Freischlager (Operations Manager, JKU), DI Dr. Erich Viehböck (Head of the Dept. of Facilities Management, JKU)

3_GroundbreakingCer_Plan: JKU Rector Prof. Richard Hagelauer, State Minister Mag. Doris Hummer, BIG CEO DI Hans-Peter Weiss and JKU Rector-elect Dean Prof. Meinhard Lukas look at construction plans for the JKU Technikum building

4_ GroundbreakingCer _ConstructionSite: View from the TN Tower to the site of the JKU Technikum building.