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September 2016

September 28: The Medical School Welcomes the Charter Class Back – Clerkships in Linz

A special day for the Johannes Kepler University: The charter class of the new JKU School of Medicine returned to Linz from Graz yesterday. On Tuesday at the Life Science Park, the JKU and the Kepler Universitätsklinikum (KUK) welcomed the students back with an official “White Coat Ceremony”, a tradition symbolizing a student’s journey toward a healthcare career.

Photo 1 (from l.): Dr. Jutta Rinner, GD DI Erich Haider (CEOs Linz AG), Vice-Mayor Mag. Christian Forsterleitner, Univ. Prof. Dr. Apfalter, Vice-Rector for Medicine, Governor Dr. Josef Pühringer, Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Doris Lang-Loidolt, Vice Rector of Studies and Teaching at the Medical University of Graz, Rector Univ. Prof. Dr. Meinhard Lukas, Mag. Drin Elgin Drda and Dr. Heinz Brock (managers at Kepler Universitätsklinikum Ltd)

Photo 2 (from l.): Vice-Mayor Mag. Christian Forsterleitner, Univ. Prof. Dr. Apfalter, Vice-Rector for Medicine, Rector Univ. Prof. Dr. Meinhard Lukas, student in White Coats and Governor Dr. Josef Pühringer

Copyright: JKU/Atzmüller; photo free of charge

September 27: The JKU Awards Contract for Campus Design and Restructure

The JKU is celebrating its 50th anniversary – the perfect time to begin with campus improvements. A Europe-wide architectural competition organized by BIG and the JKU has now ended.

Visualization: RIEPL RIEPL ARCHITEKTEN ZT LTD; photo free of charge

Photo: JKU/Atzmüller; photo free of charge

September 26: Learning from the Best: Austrian Computer Science Day

Computers are a part of our everyday lives in almost all areas, including medicine. This year’s Austrian Computer Science Day on October 20 at the Johannes Kepler University Linz focuses on “Biomedical Computing”. The program is for everyone who is interested in computers.

application/force-downloadACSD.pdf (78KB, German only)

September 21: Studies Information Fair: 4,000 School Students Get a Taste of College Life

Over 4,000 school students will visit the JKU today, Wednesday, to Friday for an opportunity to get a taste of college life: The 17th annual Studies Information Fair (SIM) provides young people with an opportunity to learn more about all of the educational opportunities available to them after graduation as well as get useful information to help decide what kind of higher level education to pursue.

Photos: JKU, prints, free of charge

September 20: JKU Senate: Univ. Prof. Michael Mayrhofer is the New Chairman

Jurist Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Mayrhofer was elected Chairman during the constituent meeting of JKU Senate. He succeeds Univ. Prof. Dr. Helmut Pernsteiner and will serve as Chairman from October 1, 2016, to September 30, 2019, together with Deputy Chairwomen a.Univ. Prof. DI Mag. Dr. Christine Duller and Univ. Prof. Dr. Sabine Hild.

Photo free of charge, photo credit: JKU/Atzmüller; from left: the new Senate Chairman Univ. Prof. Michael Mayrhofer, former Senate Chairman Univ. Prof. Helmut Pernsteiner

September 19: The JKU Appoints New Professors at the Faculty of Medicine

The JKU has appointed two new professors at the JKU Faculty of Medicine: Prof. Dr. Nicole Rotter (46), formerly at the University of Ulm, will take over the Chair for Otorhinolaryngology, Prof. Dr. Andreas Gruber (48), most recently at the University of Vienna, is the professor for Neurosurgery.

Photos: Personal; free of charge

September 19: Pioneering Software for Multiple Genome Analysis in Biomedicine from Austrian and Spain

The 15th annual European Conference on Computational Biology took place in Den Haag, the Netherlands, from September 3 to 7, 2016.

September 15: Drone Project "SmartScout": The Authorities Take to the Air

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are no longer science fiction and have made their way into our everyday lives. Whether used by the US military to combat terrorism or by Amazon for the rapid delivery of customer orders, more and more drones are taking to the air. This brings about many new questions, particularly legal ones.

See the press release for detailed information. Photo Univ. Prof. Stadlmeier free of charge, photo credit: JKU.

September 9: Sparkasse OÖ Cloud of Sound 2016 - Johannes Kepler University Celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a Choir of 100,000

A highlight at this year's Cloud of Sound event: the audience will be invited to sing along to the famous student song "Gaudeamus igitur", turning the Danube Park into a choir of 100,000. Before that, director Salvatore Vanasco will present his production of "The River of Knowledge" on the Danube.

September 5: Prof. Schneider Once Again Ranked among Austria’s Top Economist

For the second year in a row, “Die Presse”, “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” and “Neue Züricher Zeitung” have selected Univ. Prof. Friedrich Schneider (Institute of Economics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz) as one of Austria’s “Most Influential Economists of the Year”. The newly published ranking advances him to a new top position of #4

September 1: 2016 Shanghai Ranking: Technical Fields at the JKU are among the Best Worldwide

As early as 1990, the Johannes Kepler University Linz was one of the first universities in the world to offer a degree program in Mechatronics. What was considered a visionary step at the time has paid off: The recent 2016 “Shanghai Subject Ranking” has ranked the JKU a leading Austrian university in the field of “Mechanical Engineering”. The university is thus the only Austrian university among the top 100 universities worldwide.

See the press release below for detailed information. Photo "JKU Science Park 1 – Mechatronics Building" free of charge, photo credit: Hertha Hurnaus