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November 2016

November 30: Jugend forscht: “JKU Young Scientists”: Research for a New Generation

Since 2009, the “JKU Young Scientists” program has supported the diverse talents of local, gifted teens. Part of Upper Austria’s largest program to support gifted teens from local AHS and BHS schools includes a series of hands-on workshops and conducting research in the fields of engineering and natural sciences under the scientific expertise of faculty members at the Johannes Kepler University. This is the 8th year of the program and over 100 budding young scientists have registered to take part.

Photo (f.l.): State Superintendant of Schools Günther Vormayr, head of the "Talente OÖ" association, State Superintendant of SchoolsChristian Kitzberger and JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas with "Young Scientists" program participants

Copyright: JKU/Atzmüller; photo free of charge

November 29: Breathing Underneath Sand: Sandfish Lizard Uses a Filtering System

Scientists at the JKU are studying the sandfish lizard to learn how it breathes under the sand. An internship has now turned into a research project with surprising results: The animal possesses an aerodynamic filtering system. Further studies will be conducted to explore how these principles can be medically applied.

Photo: JKU/Stadler; image free of charge

November 25: Medical Ethics: Discussion Series Launches on December 14

“Medical Ethics” – A discussion series to be held on three different evenings will take place at the Johannes Kepler University and focus on hot button ethical issues. IThe topics will focus on the human life cycle from birth, to critical care at an intensive care unit, to the end of life. The first discussion of the series on “Genetics and Reproduction” will begin at 6:30 PM on December 14 at the JKU Life Science Park. Admission is free.

Photo: JKU; image free of charge

November 23: 2016 Career Day Opens: “Enormous Employability” at the JKU

106 companies and organizations are at today’s JKU Career Day fair, the largest career fair of its kind in Linz. Over 3,000 visitors are expected to attend. During his opening remarks, JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas pointed out the “enormous employability potential” of students and graduates from the Johannes Kepler University: Over 90% of students find a job within six months of graduating. “Our goal is to turn out educated personalities.”

Photo 1 (f.l.): JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas, Gerhard Stürmer (president Kepler Society), and Johannes Pracher (managing director of the Kepler Society) at the opening

Photo 2: Stands and visitors on Career Day

Copyright: JKU/Atzmüller; images free of charge

November 22: Kepler 11145123: A Well-Rounded Star

Kepler 11145123 is literally well-rounded: Scientists are taking a closer look at a distant star that is over 5,000 light years away from Earth and have concluded that it is the most rounded natural object in the universe. The Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research and the University of Göttingen plan to apply the measurement technique to other stars as well.

Copyright Image: Mark A. Garlick; photo free of charge

November 18: Complex Fabrics: Measuring Systems for Textiles

Have you ever thought about what your jeans have to go through?? The fabrics you wear are stretched, bent, and crushed on a daily basis but still manage to maintain creases where they should be. Creating and maintaining fabric durability is no easy task for clothing designers and this is where the Institute of Measurement Technology at the Johannes Kepler University comes in: creating an innovative system to put fabrics through the ringer.

Photo 1: Material strength stretched during sporting activities show in color codes (red: high strain, yellow: neutral)

Photo 2: Material strain behavior visualized - each color nuance corresponds to a numerical strain value (orange) or compression (blue)

Copyrights: Luible-Bär; images free of charge

November 17: Over 100 Companies at the JKU Career Day on November 23

The 14th annual JKU Career Day on November 23 is the largest career fair of its kind in Linz. Over 100 companies and organizations from various sectors will be on-hand to provide students and alumni with helpful information and provide access to a large, varied employer base. The event is free of charge to attend and the program includes interesting presentations and workshops.

Photo (f.l.): Johannes Pracher, managing director of the Kepler Society, and Rector Meinhard Lukas are looking forward to welcoming many visitors to the JKU Career Day.

Photo credit: JKU/Atzmüller; image free of charge

November 15: Membrane Proteins in Slow Motion: Like Horses on a Pasture

Members of the Center for Advanced Bioanalysis Ltd. (CBL) have developed an innovative method to monitor proteins in biological membranes. The research findings have been recently published in the renowned scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology.

Photo: JKU/Posch; photo free of charge

November 10: JKU Physicist Alberta Bonanni Wins the “State Patent Award”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Alberta Bonanni (Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics, JKU) was presented with the prestigious “State Patent Award” yesterday at a ceremony in Vienna.

Prof. Bonanni was named “best inventor” in recognition of her work on developing infrared lasers made with more environmentally-friendly materials. These are utilized in worldwide optical high-speed data transmission.

Photo: JKU; photo free of charge

November 7: Prof. Irschik Joins the Russian Academy of Sciences

Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans Irschik, head of the Institute for Technical Mechanics at the JKU, is now a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Prof. Irschik avowed, “In this position, I will make every effort to strengthen the JKU’s reputation as well as our studies in Mechatronics, thus contributing as before to the beneficial and rewarding scientific and academic contact between our university, Austria, and Russian sciences.”

Photo: JKU; photo free of charge

November 4: Student Refugee Program: “MORE” Offers New Beginnings

The MORE program continues and the Johannes Kepler University welcomed 30 new students this year in addition to the 40 students who began the program last year. As in the previous year, the JKU will assume the course fees and waive tuition for the 70 program participants who have a migration background. New, positive aspects include an increase in the number of women from 7.7% to 17.1% and that MORE program participants are now actively involved in planning and designing the program.

Photo: MORE participants at the start of courses

Copyright: JKU/Szabo; image free of charge