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April 26: Matthias Bolz Joins the JKU as a Professor of Ophthalmology

Beginning in May, Assoc. Prof. Matthias Bolz (39) will be the new professor Ophthalmology at the JKU’s Faculty of Medicine. He has been responsible for the clinic at the Kepler University Hospital for the past year and a half.

Photo: Balon; image free of charge

April 21: JKU's 50th Anniversary: Enhancing the University’s Reputation and Exchanging Ideas - University of Bremen Partner at Strategy Process

To mark the JKU’s 50th anniversary, the university aims to continue enhancing its reputation and exchanging strategy process ideas with other universities. Among the many new measures being implemented the JKU, Rector Meinhard Lukas emphasizes that the JKU cannot neglect one thing in particular: “We have to think outside of the box.”

See the press release below for detailed information. Photo free of charge, f.l.: Wiesner, Lukas; photo credit: JKU

April 19: Career and Family – Company Support is a Purely Western Concept

Work-Life balance can be hard to achieve, particularly when business trips (local and/or abroad) are part of the job. Two professors at the JKU conducted a 7-country study to see what kind of support services these women would like to see. The result: company support is purely a Western concept.

See the press release below for detailed information. Photo free of charge, f.l.: Fischlmayr, Puchmüller; photo credit: JKU

April 6: The JKU is the only Austrian University in the “Golden Age” Ranking

On the occasion of the Johannes Kepler University Linz' 50th anniversary, the JKU was recently the only Austrian university to be listed in this year’s Times Higher Education “Golden Age Universities” ranking.

application/pdf2017_04_06GoldenAgeRanking_ger.pdf (128KB, German only)