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Long Night of Research

Numerous Stations at the JKU campus, the JKU Life Science Center of Upper Austria, and at the JKU Softwarepark Hagenberg – The JKU is Well Represented at the "Long Night of Research" Open House.

Three JKU faculties (Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics & Business, Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences, Faculty of Law) and a soon-to-be established Faculty of Medicine offer over 60 academic degree programs. With almost 3000 employees and 19,000 enrolled students, the JKU is Upper Austria's largest research facility. Listed among the Times Higher Education 100 under 50 ranking, the university ranks among the best 100 young universities in the world. The "Long Night of Research" Open House will feature 20 hands-on stations at the JKU guaranteed to surprise and delight you.

Learn about how robots have developed feelings and how microchips can be made from sand. Or how interactive computer systems play a key role in a better understanding among people. We explain how a democratic system really works and how we can influence the progress of our own health. You can expect an exciting program of events, free parking, refreshments, and a special area just for children!

Take part, be amazed and conduct research with us!

JKU Stations for LNF 2014
for information on individual stations, program and full schedule.