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Student Theses

In order to successfully complete an academic degree program, students are required to write a final academic thesis that not only shows his/her ability to scientifically document their work, but also address practical problems and search for solutions. Students are supervised by JKU faculty members who ensure the quality of the student's work.

Examples of thesis work:

  • Riegler, Verena: Kommunales Marketing. Fallstudie anhand des Beispiels der Gemeinde Engerwitzdorf, Institut für Public and Nonprofit Management
  • Starlinger, Andreas: Datenschutzrechtliche Betrachtung Cloud-basierter IT-Anwendungen, Institut für Staatsrecht und Politische Wissenschaften; List of Theses at the Department for Public Business Law
  • Beer, Stephan: Langzeitbeständige funktionale Polyolefine mit spektral-selektiven Eigenschaften, Institut für Chemie der Polymere; Institute's Research Focus