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Participation at CD Laboratories

Cooperation with a Christian Doppler Laboratory has been designed so that research groups can work on base-knowledge research projects which can then be used by corporate partners to develop new products and processes. The labs are on a seven year term period.

CD labs currently located at the JKU include:

  • Ageing, Health, and the Labor Market (to September 2021)
  • Client Centered Cloud Computing (CDCC) (to February 2018)
  • Combinatorial Oxide Chemistry (to June 2020)
  • Multiscale Modeling of Multiphase Processes (to January 2023)
  • Monitoring und Evolution of Very Large Software Systems (MEVSS) (to January 2020)
  • Structural Strength Control of Lightweight Constructions (to April 2021)

See CD Labs at the JKU for more information.