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Employer Branding

Would you like to present your company as an attractive employer at the JKU campus?

Learn more about our services now and how you can gain a competitive advantage by standing out from competitors in the job market:

Image Event

Our diverse program of events offers students and graduates a broad range of events in the areas of networking, careers and education. The Image Event organized by the KEPLER SOCIETY offers your company a chance to get in touch with potential future employees.

Talk with us about finding a suitable format for the event. Some suggestions include:

• Talk with a Manager
• Company Presentation in an Attractive Environment
• Special Company Tour / Alumni Get-Together

Company Presentations

The KEPLER SOCIETY's job magazine "Karriere News" is an ideal way to help students and alumni learn more about your company:

• Introduce your company by holding a company presentation.
• Provide information and important facts.
• Show what career opportunities your company can offer.

When talking with contact partners, many students and graduates take the opportunity to apply for job or internship openings. Detailed Information