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Endowed Chair - New Department Head

Quality Austria

Quality Austria Trainings-, Zertifizierungs- und Begutachtungs GmbH ( is a national market leader and contact in the fields of Integrated Management Systems and ensuring industry standards in regards to quality, environment and safety. Quality Austria provides education and training in the field of international management trends, how to certify quality and management systems, and awards the Austrian seal of quality. Awarding Austrian companies with a state seal of quality takes place together with the Austrian MInistry of Economy, Family and Youth and the AFQM. The collaboration of Quality Austrian with IQNet, EOQ, EFQM and other international organizations ensures global expertise and makes the company a reliable partner. Quality Austria works with over 100 member organizations worldwide. Over 12,000 organizations in nearly 50 countries benefit. Quality Austria is a stable factor for valuable synergies and supports Austria as a location of business.

A joint press conference for a new department head in "Integrated Quality Design" took place at the JKU on February 4, 2014. Quality Austria and the Upper Austrian government have agreed to provide the new institute with start-up funds for the first five years.