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ZONTA Award at the JKU's Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences ...  more of ZONTA Award (Titel)

Guidelines for the Use of Gender Neutral Language (German)

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Leave of Absence Brochure

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This brochure provides JKU employees a brief overview of what needs to be considered when taking a long or short leave of absence. German only ...  more of Leave of Absence Brochure (Titel)

WE Can Play Football Too

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A cooperative initative with the Office of Women's Affairs (Upper Austrian government) and the Women's Football Center of Upper Austria. ...  more of WE Can Play Football Too (Titel)

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Current News

Being a Stay-Home Dad?

Austrian universities take a look at the individual lifestyles of stay-at-home dads. Are more dads interested in taking paternity leave?

Taking an In-Depth Look
We often hear about family roles changing over time. What does this mean for individual families and the role of fathers today? The new image film "Papa mit Kind zu Hause?" by the inter-university network >UniKid - UniCare Austria< takes a close look at the situation. More precisely, the movie lets 'real' fathers - all of whom work at universities - speak and give us a look at their everyday lives. Four fathers - all of them who work at four different Austrian universities - give us personal and authentic insight into their paternity leave.

A Different Perspective
Network speaker Ewa Vesely (>UniKid – UniCare Austria<) reiterated, "We wanted to create a film that takes a close, concrete look at the topic. The film gives us a realistic look at fatherhood and balancing family life with an academic career." There is a wide range of discourse about family and careers in regards to women. Does the topic focusing on men and modern male role models pack more of a punch? In general, HR experts agree: Work-life balance is becoming more important in terms of employee satisfaction and retaining employees. The role of fathers is also becoming more important.

Start the Film!
Funded by the Austrian Ministry for Science, Research, and Economy, the film can be seen on the Ministry’s homepage beginning January 15, 2018´, as well as on the homepage of many universities in Austria.
Link: "Papa mit Kind zu Hause?".

Studies. Career. Family.
The inter-university network >UniKid - UniCare Austria< brings these three areas together. The network was created in 2004 as UniKid - Network of Children's Services and Childcare Representatives at Austrian Universities. The name change was a result of more services offered at individual locations, focusing on the topic of caring for loved ones and more international cooperation. The network homepage offers a variety of information for parents/guardians as well as family caregivers who work or study at a university in Austria:

Network Speakers for UniKid-UniCare Austria
Bronwen Arbeiter-Wyerer, Ph.: 0043 4632 7009216 | Bronwen.Arbeiter(/\t)
Ewa Vesely, Ph.: 0043 15880118504 | ewa.vesely(/\t)

Local contact: Johannes Kepler University Linz
Dr. Margit Waid, Ph: 0043 732 2468 3020 | margit.waid(/\t)

Image: UniKid UniCare Austria

2018 ZONTA Award

The JKU and the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences is announcing the 5th annual call for the ZONTA Award, accompanied with €2,500 in prize money. ZONTA Linz, a service club of working women and a long-established international organization with consultative status at the UN, would like to invite applications by outstanding female students currently studying at the Faculty of Natural Sciences & Engineering.

See the call below for more details about the selection criteria and application procedure.

Please submit your application by no later than January 19, 2018, to the Department of Gender & Diversity Management: gd(/\t)

The winner will be announced as part of a ZONTA event on April 11, 2018.

Gender & Diversity Management
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz
T+43 732 2468 3021

application/pdfCall ZONTA Award 2018 (52KB, German only)


"Space for Diversity" Symposium at the JKU

JKU considers itself to be a place of plurality. A recent symposium showed just how enriching diversity can be when it is a part of university policy.

JKU Vice-Rector Brigitte Hütter and the team at the Department of Gender & Diversity Management organized the symposium to raise awareness and create “Space for Diversity in Excellence”. A large number of guests from various areas of business and social fields were invited to attend. Renowned experts from Austria, Germany, and Great Britain discussed the topics from various perspectives.
Dr. Margit Waid (head of the Department of Gender & Diversity Management at the JKU) held a presentation titled “Diversity in University Policies”, whereas Deborah Husbands (University of Westminster) addressed the question, “What do concepts of masculinity have to do with equality and both with diversity?”. Dr. Armgard von Reden (Leibniz University Hannover) shed light on how Diversity by Design can be integrated into all business processes. Prof. Dr. Michael Hartmann (University of Darmstadt, retired) spoke about the elite, excellence and equal opportunity.

The Space for Diversity program also included special features: In addition to presentations, the program included discussion sessions and a performance by the “Zebras”, a local improvisation group.

Click here for detailed information.

Mag. Elli Scambor, Dr. Margit Waid, Deborah Husbands, JKU Vice-Rector Mag. Brigitte Hütter MSc, Mag. Tarek El-Dabbagh, Dr. Armgard von Reden, Walburg Pribyl Image: Fotografie Röbl


JKU Vice-Rector Mag. Brigitte Hütter MSc, Prof. i. R. Dr. Michael Hartmann, Prof. Dr. Christiane Funken, Dr. Margit Waid Image: Fotografie Röbl


Click here to view the presentations.

Workshop "We'll Be What We Want to Be!" following the KinderUni Summer Program

A three-hour workshop for 20 students took place on July 20, 2017. Girls from local primary schools completed a variety of tasks designed to make them more aware of their surroundings and realize just how much family, society, and friends influence and shape the way they think. Most of the students indicated wanting to have a family one day, but also wanting a job or career. The students felt household tasks should be fairly divided and there should be mutual support in order to also be able to work.

The girls built a model seaplane as well as a double-decker bus out of balsa wood, testing their aptness, accuracy, and perseverance.
The new collaboration between the Department of Gender & Diversity Management and the Institute of Structural Lightweight Design proved to be successful, conveying theory as well as showing how exciting and challenging technology can be.

Image: JKU

Image: JKU

JKU Workshops for Kids at the 2017 Tec2move Event in Wels

Who, for example, created basic programming or the windshield wiper? How can you build a top that has a reverse gear? These and other questions were answered during the course of several workshops created for over 100 primary school-age kids.
Tec2move (RIC Ltd.) took place from June 27-29, 2017, at Welios in Wels. The event was designed to spark an interest in science and technology among kids and teens as well as parents, educators, etc. and encourage kids to explore studying technology and engineering.
The Department of Gender & Diversity Management (JKU Linz) was on hand to hold the workshop "Wir werden, was wir wollen?" for the fourth year in a row.
Do we really pursue a job that interests us and is fun - or perhaps not? Who and what influences our choices when it comes to deciding what to be in terms of education and training?
Staff members at the JKU Department of Gender & Diversity Management had students between the ages of 6 - 10 years old complete a variety of tasks that showed how they think and respond and just how later career choices are influenced and shaped by family, the school, as part of a social environment. As in previous years, only a few girls show interest in studying engineering and technology and only a few boys are interested in studying social sciences or pursuing social professions. Children learn early on "what they wish to be" so they can start thinking of a future career. Therefore it is vital to encourage both sexes and show them their career options, letting them decide what they want to do - free according to the motto: "Become an Engineer, Kindergarten Teacher,... - Whatever You Want!"
Authors: Marianne Littringer, Daniela Schagerl
Translation: Nadine Lichtenberger

Image: JKU

Image: JKU

Image: JKU

Portable Children's Library at the JKU

At the end of March, Kidsversity and the JKU créche (flexible childcare services at the JKU received a portable children's library. Click here to read more.


Information Session for Career_Mentoring III

We look forward to providing information about the new career development program for women doctoral candidates and post-doctorate candidates at the universities of Linz, Salzburg, and Krems.

We would like to introduce the program at an information session on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, from 11:00 AM to noon at the Uni Center, Rep. Rm. D. Kindly register in advance to attend by sending an e-mail to: karrierementoring(/\t)

We look forward to seeing you there!

2017 Girls' Day JUNIOR

Girls’ Day JUNIOR at the JKU gives girls a unique opportunity to explore the world of engineering and technology.
On Tuesday, March 21, 23 girls from local schools will take part in a workshop titled "Wir bauen einen Elektromotor" offered by Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Bernhard Zagar and DI Patrick Hölzl (Institute of Measurement Technology). The workshop provides an opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments using magnetism, motors, and electricity.
The following day, 22 school-age junior researchers will take part in a basic computer workshop titled "Wie rechnet ein Computer eigentlich das kleine 1x1 mit Bits und Bytes in Hardware?" where Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Timm Ostermann (Institute for Integrated Circuits) will show them how a computer actually calculates the results of 1x1.

The workshops are part of a program designed to spark girls’ interest in engineering and natural sciences. The JKU’s participation in Girls' Day is organized by the Dept. of Gender & Diversity Management at the JKU.

Office of Gender & Diversity Management
Daniela Schagerl
Ph.: +43 732 2468 3026
E-mail: daniela.schagerl(/\t)

Click here to learn more about the program schedule.

2017 ZONTA Award Presented to Eva Maria Miliker

The 2017 ZONTA Award was officially presented as part of the "ZONTA Goes Jazz" event at the Linz Casineum on March 8. The award was presented by acting ZONTA Club Linz President, Sylvia Hermann, as well as by JKU Vice-Rector Brigitte Hütter.
During Vice-Rector Hütter's engaging speech, she emphasized the importance of supporting women who are pursuing a degree in engineering and natural sciences and working towards increasing the proportion of females at the Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences as women continue to be underrepresented in these areas (only 28% in WS 2016/2017). In addition, the award requirements included social commitment as well as international studies, both of which are particularly important for a university.
Ms. Armig Kabrelian received a special gold ducat for her outstanding academic achievements under difficult conditions.

As in previous years, the jury (consisting of VR Mag. Brigitte Hütter, MSc., Univ. Prof. Dr. Alberta Bonanni, Dr. Margit Waid (JKU), Sylvia Hermann, DI Ulrike Malina-Altzinger, and Ingeborg Strauss (ZONTA)) had the difficult task of selecting a winner from among the outstanding applicants, each presenting impressive CVs and letters of intent. The most important criteria included the applicant's subject-specific interest that led to her choice of studies, where the applicant sees herself professionally in the near future, if the candidate is interested in (or has already completed) a semester abroad, and social commitment.

The jury was impressed by all of the candidates and after a thorough review of all applications, Eva Maria Miliker was selected as the winner based on her academic achievements in polymer engineering and mechatronics as well as her personal social commitment.

Thus, on March 8, the 2017 ZONTA Award was presented to yet another outstanding female student from the JKU Faculty of Engineering & Social Sciences. The award is accompanied with €2,500 in prize money made available to the JKU's Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences by the Zonta Club of Linz, a service club of professional, working women and a long-established international organization with consultative status at the UN. Once again, the Office of Gender & Diversity Management (JKU) and the Zonta Club of Linz have worked constructively together, resulting in another year of successful cooperation.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Eva Maria Miliker and Armig Kabrelian and we wish them all the best for a bright and successful future!

Image: ZONTA

Information Session 2017 Cross-Mentoring Program

On Thursday, February 2, 2017, an information session at the Johannes Kepler University in the Kepler Building (Hall C) will kick off the start of this year's Upper Austrian Mentoring program.

Why and what is this program?

Cross-mentoring aims to increase the proportion of women in management positions throughout Upper Austria by providing female participants with mentors so they can benefit their mentors' experience.

58th ScienceCenter – Network Meeting at the JKU

In cooperation with the ScienceCenter Network, the Department of Gender & Diversity Management extended an invitation to the 58th annual network meeting on January 26, 2017. The event was held in the JKU's newly remodeled event room.

The ScienceCenter Network is a consortium of 173 partners in the fields of education, science & research, exhibition design, art, media and the local business community. The network aims to make sciences and academia easily accessible and more comprehensible.

The meeting focused on "gender und diversity". After opening remarks by the director of the ScienceCenter Network, Dr. Barbara Streicher, and network patron, Margit Fischer, Dr. Margit Waid gave an insightful presentation about diversity and also spoke about what the Department of Gender & Diversity Management at the Johannes Kepler University is responsible for.
In the spirit of the meeting, over 40 participants enjoyed the newly remodeled event room and were able to exchange information about their own activities and take home new ideas and information.

The JKU Crèche is a Year Old

OÖ Hilfswerk chairman Dr. Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer and Rector Meinhard Lukas were on hand to celebrate the first anniversary of the JKU crèche. More...

Image: Cityfoto

Gender Platform Meeting at the JKU

In accordance with the Universities Act at Austria's universities, the "GENDERPLATTFORM" includes institutes, departments and facilities that coordinate tasks in the area of teaching equal opportunity, the advancement of women, and gender studies.

Th expert committee met on Monday, September 26, and Tuesday, September 27, to discuss cooperation efforts and exchange information. Read more here...

Workshop "Wir werden, was wir wollen!" following the Kinder-Uni Summer Program

The Department of Gender & Diversity Management took part in the Kinder Uni summer program on July 19, 2016, by offering a 3-hour workshop for kids between the ages of 9 to 12. Fun and entertaining exercises encouraged the kids to consider their own interests - regardless of being a boy or girl - in selecting hobbys or considering prospective future professions. The hands-on activities and experiments also showed the kids how exciting and challenging the fields of engineering and natural sciences could be.

Presentation of Guidelines for the "Berufsbilder-Berufswahl – rechtzeitig!" Program

Guidelines for the "Berufsbilder-Berufswahl - rechtzeitig!" (Jobs-Career Awareness-Start Now!) program will be presented to primary school teachers at the Johannes Kepler University Linz on Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

Date: May 31, 2016
Time: 5:00 to 6:30 PM
Location: JKU, Keplergebäude Bldg., Hall C

Kindly register in advance by sending an e-mail to: susanne.kaufmann(/\t) by May 23, 2016.

Gender & Diversity Management
Mag. Susanne Kaufmann
Ph.: +43 732 2468 3024
E-mail: susanne.kaufmann(/\t)

Click here for information about the "Berufsbilder-Berufswahl – rechtzeitig!" (Jobs-Career Awareness-Start Now!) program.

Girls' Day on April 28, 2016, at the JKU

On April 28, nine school students from AHS and NMS schools took part in a special Girls' Day program at the JKU, organized by the Dept. of Gender & Diversity Management. The girls spent time with Prof. Sabine Hild (Institute for Polymer Sciences) and Prof. Armando Rastelli (Institute for Semiconductor and Solid State Physics), learning about these areas of science and conducting interesting, hands-on experiments.
At the Institute for Polymer Sciences, the girls learned about nitrogen and looked at the way balloons and plants react when they come into contact with nitrogen. They also delved into the world of chemistry by extracting DNA, producing small rubber balls, and re-shaping plastic yogurt containers.
The girls also experienced entering an ISO class 5 cleanroom (the highest level of air sterility) and went through an extensive procedure to put on a special protective suit, hood, rubber gloves, and shoe coverings. Each student also had an opportunity to help conduct an experiment in the clean room. The girls applied a photoresistant coating on to a small silicium sample and studied the development using UV light. It was a special research procedure not done every day at the Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics at the JKU.
The girls were extremely impressed with the program and agreed that it has sparked their interest in engineering and natural sicences and they will continue to pursue their interests.


Immense Interest at the Family Station during the "Long Night of Research" Event on April 22, 2016

Guests big and small visited our "Family Station" during the recent "Long Night of Research" event at the JKU. Under the motto "Motion Mania - from Spinning Tops to Planes", the station offered a variety of hands-on experiments and activities for kids. How does a top work in reverse, a rotary devil or an eddy flyer? These and other questions were explored. Engineering students at the JKU helped out at the stand, as well as staff from "Kidsversity", childcare services at the JKU.
Due to the number of visitors, the stand stayed open until 10 pm instead of 9 pm. Visitors also received little experiment books to take notes and then try things out at home to show friends and family as "research doesn't first start during or after school but during an apprenticeship or university studies!"

The "Family Station" team during the "Long Night of Research " event
Photo f.l.: Anna-Maria Pachner, Nina Anderwald, Philip Torggler (Kidsversity), Mag. Ing. Marianne Littringer, Daniela Schagerl (Gender & Diversity Management), Adela Kuduzovic, Lisa-Maria Hörmanseder (engineering students at the JKU)


Actively conducting research at the family station during the "Long Night of Research" event.



Following the first successful CLUB SCIENTIFCA meeting in January 2016, the Johannes Kepler University is pleased to extend an invitation to attend a second meeting.

CLUB SCIENTIFICA is the first expertise network for women in teaching and research in Austria. Based on a joint project by Austrian universities and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, the initiative provides a supportive interdisciplinary and trans-university platform for women in science and academia. In addition to keynote speeches, the event provides plenty of time for discussions and exchanging experiences.

Take advantage of the opportunity to take part in an interdisciplinary and trans-university event to network and exchange information and experiences!

Auswirkungen und Einflüsse der Gender Diversität (=The Impact and Influences of Gender Diversity)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM

University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria
Campus for the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Building D, 2nd floor, Rms. 202/203
Entrance: Semmelweisstraße 34, 4020 Linz

To take part, kindly register in advance by April 25, 2016:

See the invitation below for more details and information.

Mentoring III, Closing Ceremony

In cooperation with "gendup" (Center for Gender Studies and the Advancement of Women at the University of Salzburg), the Office for Gender Studies at the Danube University Krems, and the Department of Gender & Diversity Management at the JKU, the second class successfully completed the "Mentoring III" program. The program aims to help female doctoral and post-doc candidates gain a strong foothold in science, academia, and research. The closing ceremony took place at the JKU on April 7, 2016.

During opening remarks, JKU Vice-Rector Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Janko emphasized the importance of collaborative programs in support of inter-university networking and making use of synergies. Mag. Jutta Reisinger, the equal opportunity commissioner for the city of Linz, reiterated the importance of empowerment programs for women, stating that these programs serve to plug the 'leaky pipeline' as the number of women in the upper levels of university management continues to decline.

On behalf of the project team, one of the JKU program coordinators, Mag. Irmgard Wörtl, held a special presentation that took a look back at the past one and a half years of the program that included subject-oriented face-to-face mentoring relationships, workshops focusing on learning career-relevant tools, group coaching sessions as well as networking with peers at other universities. The presentation also commended the many years of strong cooperation with all of the involved partners by thanking and acknowledging the entire project team for the successful development and implementation of the program: Dr. Margit Waid (head of the Dept. of Gender & Diversity Management, JKU), Mag. Sandra Nuspl, PMML (deputy head of the Dept. of Gender & Diversity Management, JKU), Mag. Ingrid Schmutzhart (head of gendup – Center for Gender Studies and the Advancement of Women at the University of Salzburg) as well as Mag. Michaela Gindl and Mag. Doris Czepa (heads of the Office for Gender Studies, Danube University Krems). After introducing the mentoring tandem teams, the Mentoring III program participants, mentor Prof. Dr. Edeltraud Günther (TU Dresden), and two mentees from both classes, Dr. Gabriele Gadermaier and Dr. Doris Burger, spoke about their positive experiences in the program and held a discussion with Julia Ruppert (mentoring supervisor at the University of Passau) about equal opportunities in science, research, and academia.

JKU Vice-Rector Univ. Prof. Janko presented each member of the program with a certificate of successful participation. The musical duo of Liudmila Beladzed on cymbal and Rainer Falk on the guitar provided the perfect musical accompaniment as guests enjoyed the reception that followed the ceremony.

Photo Gallery Closing Ceremony on April 7, 2016

Quelle: JKU Linz

Quelle: JKU Linz

2016 ZONTA Award Presented to Irene Tubikanec

For the third year, the JKU announced a call at the Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences to apply for an award sponsored by Zonta Linz in the amount of €2,500 to support a committed and hard-working female student in the third semester of studies or higher.
The constructive collaboration with the Department of Gender & Diversity Management at the JKU and the Zonta Club of Linz, a service club of professional women and a long-established international organization with advisory status at the UNO, was continued.

The jury, consisting of Vice-Rector Dorothea Greiling, Assoc. Prof. Alberta Bonanni, Assist. Prof. Birgit Grüb, Dr. Margit Waid (JKU), Sylvia Hermann, DI Ulrike Malina-Altzinger, and Ingeborg Strauss (ZONTA), had the difficult task of selecting a winner from among the large number of submissions that included impressive resumes and letters of intent. The jury evaluated and assessed the candidates' particular interests that led to choosing a certain major, how they see their professional future, if they have a real interest in - or have already completed - a semester abroad as well as social community involvement.
After reviewing all submissions, Victoria Hutterer, Nora Koblinger, Katharina Riegler and Irene Tubikanec were invited to an interview to talk about their applications and answer questions by the jury.
The jury was extremely impressed by all of the candidates but in the end, Ms. Irene Tubikanec was selected as the Zonta Award recipient in recognition of her academic performance in the Bachelor's degree program in Mathematics, in the Master's degree program in Industrial Mathematics, and for her community service involvement.

Ms. Tubikanec was officially presented with the award on March 8 as part of the "ZONTA Goes Jazz" event at the Linz Casineum. The award was presented by ZONTA Club Linz President, Sylvia Hermann, as well as Dorothea Greiling, JKU Vice-Rector of Human Resources, Diversity, and IT.
During her speech, Vice-Rector Greiling emphasized how important it is to draw attention to talented young women and support their endeavors, particularly in the fields of engineering and natural sciences. The universities are still struggling with the low proportion of women enrolled in these majors and there is still much to do in regards to encouraging young women to pursue science degrees.

The other three nominated candidates did not go empty-handed and were each presented with a gold ducat in recognition of their work.

We would like to congratulate Irene Tubikanec, Victoria Hutterer, Nora Koblinger and Katharina Riegerl and we wish them all the best for their bright future ahead!

Photo credit: ZONTA

Girls' Day JUNIOR on March 1 and 2, 2016

Girl's Day JUNIOR on March 1 and 2, 2016
Girls' Day junior at the JKU aims to spark girls' interests in engineering and sciences.

On March 1 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM under the direction of Univ. Prof. Bernhard Zagar, the girls built their own electrical motor. The participants also learned about magnetism, how the earth's magnetic field works, and why the magnetic poles are so important. The girls learned about the dynamic effect of current-carry conductors (coils) on compass needles, measured the number of revolutions and conducted experiments using a 'flying disc'.

Computer Calculations
On March 2 under the direction of a.Univ. Prof. Timm Ostermann, the girls took part in a workshop titled "Wie rechnet ein Computer eigentlich das kleine 1x1 mit Bits und Bytes in Hardware?" We always hear about computers being associated with zeros and ones and bits and bytes. But what is that exactly? How does a computer calculate 1x1? The workshop took place from 9:30 to 11 AM and participants learned how 'hardware' works and also how the computer - as a machine - can calculate 1x1.


Photo: Press Office / Upper Austrian Government

A Large Meeting of the 1st CLUB SCIENTIFICA at the JKU

On the afternoon of January 13, 2016, university management representatives and teaching and research staff from private universities, universities, universities of applied sciences, and teacher training colleges from throughout Upper Austria came together at the JKU's Uni Center for the 1. CLUB SCIENTIFICA meeting.
Previous CLUB SCIENTIFICA meetings have taken place in Styria, Vienna, Salzburg, Carinthia and Tyrol and now the successful format was brought to Upper Austria.
The Johannes Kepler University Linz served as the local platform and in cooperation with Permion Ltd., the Department of Gender & Diversity Management at the JKU successfully organized the initial meeting.
Based on a cooperation project by Austrian universities and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, this initiative to create the first competence network for women academics and scientists in Austria provides an interdisciplinary and trans-university platform in support of academic and scientific careers for women. In addition to keynote speeches, Club Scientifica events offer plenty of space for discussions and information exchange.

CLUB Scientifica is organized by Permion on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. For many years, Permion has accompanied universities in support of career development for women in order to meet the legal quota of women in professional occupations.

See: for more information about Club Scientifica

Rector Ursula Brandstätter (Anton Bruckner Private Univ), VR Christine Windsteiger, VR Sabine Pollak (both from the Linz University of Art&Design), R & D Manager Sylvia Öhlinger (FH healthcare professions) Rector Meinhard Lukas (JKU), VR Berta Leeb (Private University College of Education of the Dioceses of Linz), VR Katharina Soukup-Altrichter (University College of Education of Upper Austria), VR Dorothea Greiling (JKU), CEO Regina Aichinger (FH Upper Austria), and VR Claudia von der Linden (TU Graz – initiator of Club Scientifica)


Photo from l: CEO Regina Aichinger (FH Upper Austria), and VR Claudia von der Linden (TU Graz – initiator of Club Scientifica), Margit Waid (head of Gender & Diversity Management, JKU), Sandra Nuspl, Sylvia Weilguni (Gender & Diversity Management, JKU)

Photo Gallery Kick-off on Wednesday, 13.01.2016

Cross Mentoring Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony for the 12th class of participants in the Cross-Mentoring program took place in the Panorama Room at WIFI Upper Austria on Wednesday, November 18, 2015. The JKU has been a part of the Cross-Mentoring program for the past twelve years since the beginning. The program is coordinated by Dr. Margit Waid (head of the Office of Policies for Equal Opportunity) who is also a member of the Cross-Mentoring program advisory board.

From left: Mag. Andreas Gaiblinger, KommR Dr. Gabriele Kössler, Dr. Margit Waid, AR Doris Wegscheider, Maximilian Wurm

Re-Auditierung Certificate Ceremony

On November 10, 2015, Sophie Karmasin, Austrian Federal Ministry for Family and Youth, presented the JKU with the "Audit "hochschuleundfamilie" certificate in recognition of exemplary efforts. Click here for more information.

Photo from left: Mag. Christine Hiebl (Dept. Policies for Equal Opportunity, JKU), Austrian Federal Minister Sophie Karmasin, Mag. Andrea Zellinger (rep for general personnel, JKU)

Campus for Women Post-Doc Candidates

The Summer Campus program for women post-doc candidates took place in Gmunden from September 16 - 19, 2015 as part of the "karriere_links" program - a joint program between the universities in Linz and Salzburg.
The Summer Campus program was designed for the concrete phase of the post-doctoral program and in addition to interesting workshops on topics such as the post-doctoral program, negotiation techniques, how to manage conflict, information regarding university appointments, etc., evening discussions with established women professors provided an opportunity to network.
As during past Summer Campus programs, a participant from the University of Mannheim also took part in the program alongside participants from the universities in Linz and Salzburg. This provided a targeted exchange with colleagues from other universities.

L to r: Mag. Dr. Gertraud Malsiner Walli (JKU Linz), Dr. Elena Huber (University of Salzburg), Mag. Ingrid Schmutzhart (university management karriere_links University of Salzburg), Univ. Assist. Dr. Bettina Leibetseder (JKU Linz), Assist.Prof. Mag. Dr. Ilona Horwath (JKU Linz), Mag. Dr. Romana Sammern (University of Salzburg), Mag. Dr. Christine Blanka (JKU Linz), Dr. Reinhild Kreis (University of Mannheim), Dr. Elisabeth Lobenwein (University of Salzburg), Univ. Assist. Mag. Dr. Daniela Schrack (JKU Linz), Mag. Sandra Nuspl, PMML (university management karriere_links JKU Linz)

Award: 2015 Upper Austrian Women's Researcher Award

We would like to congratulate Mag. Dr. Daniela Schrack for winning a 2015 Upper Austrian Women's Researcher Award in the category of "Young Women Researchers"! The award winner took part in the Mentoring III program for young women researchers held at the universities of Linz, Salzburg and Krems.


2nd Place State Award for JKU Project "Mobility 2015" in the Category of "Education. Create Awareness".

On June 22, 2015, the consortium for the FFG project Smart Future 4 Tech2move – including the Department of Affirmative Action and Policies for Equal Opportunity – were invited to the State Award ceremony “Mobility 2015” at the Palais Ferstl in Vienna. In the presence of Alois Stöger (Austrian Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation & Technology), awards were presented to outstanding, innovative projects and developments focusing on the topic of “Mobility”.
From over 90 submitted projects, the eleven of the best projects were shortlisted and nominated in one of four categories: “Research, Development, New Frontiers”, “Secure Employment. Strengthen the Economy”, “Plan. Build. Operate.”, “Education. Create Awareness.”. The Smart Future 4 Tec2move project was among the nominated projects in the category of “Education. Create Awareness”.

In a playful and age-appropriate way, Smart Future 4TEC2move aims to show how a pioneering, resource-saving, efficient and sustainable city of the future can integrate a factory of the future in a livable, viable way. Young people – even children as young as kindergarteners – can begin learning about mobility and energy developments to start acquiring early awareness. RIC Ltd. is the consortia leader of this FFG project, a subsidiary of BRP Powertrain – the Department of Affirmative Action and Policies for Equal Opportunity at the JKU provided professional consultation as a consortia partner in the area of gender competence.
An independent, international jury reviewed the project submissions and Smart Future 4 Tech2 move won 2nd place. Ing. Josef Fürlinger (head of RIC Ltd.) and project managers in the field of projects for children and youth, Elisabeth Ruschak and Mag. Valentina Lucic, accepted the certificate. Mag. Sandra Nuspl, PMML and Mag. Irmgard Wörtl (Department of Affirmative Action and Policies for Equal Opportunity, JKU) were present at the ceremony.
The project will run to the end of August 2015. The results and the model prepared by participating kindergartens and schools will be presented at Welios on July 2 as part of the TEC2move Events 2015.


Closing Ceremony of the 10th "karriere_links" Program

On May 8, 2015, fourteen women academics and scientists from the universities in Linz and Salzburg celebrated the completion of the two-semester "Erfolgsstrategien und Karriereperspektiven für Wissenschafterinnen" program and received their certificates at a ceremony held at the Johannes Kepler University Linz


Closing Ceremony "MiT-JiP Girls in Technology - Boys in Education"

The closing ceremony of the program "MiT - JiP Girls in Technology - Boys in Education" program took place on Friday, November 11, 2014 at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. The project was carried out by the Department of Affirmative Action and Policies for Equal Opportunity (JKU Linz) together with the Office of Women's Affairs (University of Passau) as part of the "INTERREG Bayern-Österreich 2007-2013" program.

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l to r: Dr. Margit Waid, Mag. Sandra Nuspl, PMML, Marlene Schwab, Michael Mendyka,
Dr. Claudia Krell, Petra Pfeffer, Mag. Susanne Kaufmann, Prof. Dr. Manuela Möller

JKU Goes Gender Awards Ceremony - Awards and Scholarships

From left: Dr. Margit Waid, Vice Rector Univ. Prof. Dr. Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis, Univ. Assist. Bettina Leibetseder, a Univ. Prof. Dr. Evelyn Schuster, DI Mag. Dr. Marlene Hack, a.Univ.Prof. Dr. Jürgen Maaß, Assist. Prof. Mag. Dr. Martina Gugglberger, Univ.Prof. Dr. Marcus Gräser


As part of the "JKU Goes gender" program, the 8th annual ceremony presenting awards and scholarships to junior female researchers was held at the JKU. The program aims to honor outstanding academic achievement and academically support young junior female researchers.
Three junior female researchers were pleased and honored to receive awards and scholarships for their dissertations/post-doctoral dissertations featuring a gender reference. The official awards ceremony took place at the Uni Center where Vice-Rector Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis held opening remarks and emphasized the importance of supporting academic careers, especially for women. Prof. Sabine Theresia Köszegi (Institute of Management Science, Labor Science and Organization, University of Vienna) held a fascinating and compelling keynote speech titled "Ich bin anders: Frauenkarrieren in der Wissenschaft" that underlined how essential advancement of women is at universities in order to take advantage of all of the potential available.
The evening’s highlight was the presentation of awards and scholarships by VR Anderst-Kotsis and Dr. Margit Waid, head of the Dept. of Affirmative Action and Policies for Equal Opportunity. Dr. Marlene Hack won an award accompanied with €2000 in prize money for her outstanding dissertation titled "Der Einfluss des Mathematikunterrichts auf das Schulwahlverhalten nach der 8. Schulstufe aus Genderperspektive". Supervised by Prof. Jürgen Maaß (Institute for Mathematics Education), Dr. Hack’s work displayed practical gender relation relevance. Prof. Maaß also gave the official speech.
Assist. Prof. Martina Gugglberger received a 12-month post-doctorate scholarship to develop and/or complete her post-doctoral dissertation titled “A Woman’s Place is on Top” about women who have been going on Himalayan expeditions since the 1950s: a gender history of mountaineering. Her presenter was Prof. Marcus Gräser (Institute of Modern and Contemporary History). Univ. Assist. Bettina Leibetseder won the evening’s second post-doctorate scholarship for her post-doctoral work titled “Sozialpolitik – die Herstellung einer gesellschaftlichen Ordnung”. Evelyn Schuster was her presentor.
As during past award ceremonies, musical accompaniment this year was provided by Luidmila Beladzed (cymbal) and Rainer Falk (guitar). Mag. Sandra Nuspl, PMML (Dept. of Affirmative Action and Policies for Equal Opportunity) moderated the ceremony.

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Award for the JKU "Kinderbüro - Child Care at the JKU"

The State Family Award was presented for innovative projects and this year, the JKU's "Kinderbüro - Child Care at the JKU" placed second. The "Kinderbüro" is a cooperation effort between the Department of Affirmative Action and Policies for Equal Opportunity at the JKU and Hilfswerk OÖ.

The "Kinderbüro" is well known for its flexibility and individual approach catering to the needs of the children. The "Kinderbüro" is operated by the OÖ Hilfswerk as a flexible child care facility. Child care is available primarily for children of JKU's students and employees. In addition, the "Kinderbüro" offers a customized summer daycare program.
A jury presented the "Kinderbüro" with a 2nd place award (out of 41 submissions). See for more information on the Kinderbüro and the JKU's child care services.