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Beschreibung: A discussion list designed to address topics regarding women’s studies and gender research as well as the current situation of women in fields of science and research and feminist policies. Please be aware that the main language used is German.

The mailing list FEM@LE-L is

  • a communication platform for inquiries and information (events, short project summaries, reference information for new books and periodicals, reviews, indices of content, abstracts…).
  • a fast and convenient way to access networking opportunities and obtain information
  • a forum for expert and professional opinions and reports, research suggestions, and inquiries on specialized topics

FEM@LE-L is a mailing list that covers the following topics and issues:

  • Women’s Studies and Gender Research
  • The Position of Women in Science and Research Today
  • Feminist Polices

The main content (subject matter, language and user groups) focuses primarily in the areas of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
The content focus and clearly defined target groups guarantee a maximum amount of information without excessive e-mail volume.

FEM@LE-L stands for "FEMinist ALternativE", which can only be achieved by the active participant contributions. You will have an opportunity to electronically network with men and women active in scientific and political areas – take part!


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