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DC Vienna/Upper Austria/Lower Austria

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Information about the Audit "hochschuleundfamilie" Program

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Dual Career Services

The Gender & Diversity committee of the Austrian university conferences have initiated the "Dual Career Services" network in Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria.

Dual career couples are each highly skilled and specialized and have an independent career.
For these couples, career paths are often linked to frequent changes in jobs and locations.
Universities are especially confronted with these issues as many academic couples deal with dual career concerns.
The choice regarding where to work and live plays in increasing role not only to one's own prospective professional career development, but also for his/her partner as well as the location of where to raise a family.

Our Dual Career services include the following measures:

Dual Career Services at the JKU:

Individual and personal consulting

Important information on living, housing and jobs

Contact to our cooperation partners

Mag. Marietta Hainzer
Altenbergerstraße 69
Hochschulfond Bldg., 1st Floor, HF 130
4040 Linz
Ph: +43 732 2468-3025


Visit the site "cometolinz" for helpful information about life and living in Upper Austria.

Schools in Upper Austria

Schools are institutions that not only have an intellectual purpose such as imparting knowledge of academic subjects, but also a social purpose such as the support of personal growth, self-improvement.

Schools are dependent institutions; the school holder is the legal entity.

There are distinguishable differences between public schools (authority: federal, state and community) and private schools.

See the: Upper Austrian government website or the Dual Career Service Vienna-Lower Austria-Upper Austria website for more information on individual types of schools and educational programs.

See the: State Education Authority of Upper Austria website for an online or print version of the current school guide.

Child Care in Upper Austria

Information on childcare facilities, mandatory age to begin kindergarten, parent contributions,...

Building a House and Living in Upper Austria

General Home Building Information (German only)

Subsidiaries for "Home Building and Living" (German only)
Guidelines for Building a Home (German only)

Living: Official Authorities and Information Centers (German only)

Living in Linz (German only)

Purchasing a Home or Apartment (German only)