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Current News

Portable Library for Children

On Thursday, March 30, 2017, the Office of Gender & Diversity Management at the Johannes Kepler University presented both childcare facilities (flexible childcare services and the crèche) with a portable library containing gender and diversity sensitive books for children.

The portable library for children will help educators talk with kids about both gender and diversity issues in a fun, playful way. The books can play a key role in supporting the educators' work, raising awareness, and sparking an interesting in the topic. The gender and diversity-sensitive stories will encourage children to expand their gender roles, experience new things, and develop their individual skills and interests.

Providing childcare services in one of the JKU's sustainable measures to help combine work and family life and provide employees and students with an attractive working and learning environment. Parents who work or study have childcare help and qualified women can return to work after leave. This is an important step towards equal opportunity for women and men.

The age-oriented schedule of activities focuses on each individual child. The gender awareness and diversity-sensitive books also give the children an opportunity to discover and try out various roles in a creative, imaginative way.

Photo: f.l.: Mag. Susanne Kaufmann, head of the Office of Diversity Competence; Dr. Margit Waid, head of the Dept. of Gender & Diversity Competence; Assist. Prof. Dr. Cäcilia Innreiter-Moser, head of the Working Group of Equal Opportunities; Nina Anderwald, head of Kidsversity Flexible Childcare Services; Julia Hackl, head of Kidsversity Crèche

The JKU Crèche Celebrates its First Anniversary

In support of work-life balance for families and JKU employees, the JKU crèche opened its doors in October 2015. To celebrate the crèche's one year anniversary, JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas and OÖ Hilfswerk Chairman Wolfgang Hartmannsdorfer visited the childcare center in person to see the progress first hand. They both emphasized the importance of making childcare services available at the JKU to both students and employees. In addition to the crèche, students can take advantage of arranging a flexible childcare schedule.

Brochure: KIDSVERSITY Flexible Childcare Services and Crèche

In addition to offering flexible childcare services for employees and students, beginning in October 2015 all employees can also register their children (ages 1-3) in the crèche. See the brochure below for detailed information and contact information.