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karriere_links (Career_links)

A Cooperation Between the University of Linz and the University of Salzburg

Created in 2003, the "karriere_links" program has been successful in support of junior academic researchers and career planning according to policies under gender mainstreaming. The program targets success strategies and career perspectives for junior women researchers.
To achieve the program’s objectives, the Department of Affirmative Action and Policies for Equal Opportunity at the University of Linz and the gendup-Center for Gender Studies and the Advancement of Women at the University of Salzburg have developed a joint concept designed to support gender democracy at both universities.

The program objectives for karriere_links include:

• increasing the number of women enrolled engineering and natural science programs,
• increasing female management potential,
• building professional networks,
• creating awareness for strategies and tools in support of equal opportunity policy and
• recognizing discrimination mechanisms.

The measures implemented in the "karriere_links" program are aimed at providing women academics and researchers with better career opportunities and job perspectives. Female academic personnel are encouraged to discover and develop their own potential, skills and a personal career plan. The goals include support in career planning.

The karriere_links program is diverse, multifaceted and customized to the following career steps:

Contact Linz:
Johannes Kepler University
Gender & Diversity Management
Altenberger Str. 69
4040 Linz
Mag. Sandra Nuspl, MBA, Tel: +43 732 2468-3029,
Mag. Irmgard Wörtl, Tel: +43 732 2468-3028
Mail: karrierelinks(/\t)

Contact Salzburg:
Paris Lodron University Salzburg
gendup – Center for Gender Studies and the Advancement of Women
Kaigasse 17
5020 Salzburg
Mag. Ingrid Schmutzhart, Ph: +43 662 8044-2520, E-mail: ingrid.schmutzhart(/\t)