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Equality-Oriented Continual Education / Career Development

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TEquality – Technology.Gender.Equality

The study “TEquality – Technology.Gender.Equality” takes a close look at study conditions in the areas of Computer Sciences and Mechatronics at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Johannes Kepler University.

A comprehensive qualitative and quantitative survey from the perspective of both women and men revealed the factors they believe to be either supportive or inhibiting when it comes to successfully completing engineering studies. The study helped to develop measures aimed at supporting students as well as increase the number of graduates in the field of technical sciences, particularly the number of women graduates.
Successfully completed studies can be measured by how well students can professionally and socially integrate in the environment of their selected degree program. It is vital to maintain and continually improve successful study conditions, thereby continuing to overcome barriers of intervention that focus just on problems.

Preparation Courses
Preparation have been designed for first-year students who have diverse educational backgrounds. First introduced in the Winter Semester 2008/2009, preparation courses in mathematics and physics help review basic material covered in high school in order to help students prepare for taking classes in electrical engineering, mechanics, and basic computer programming.

Information for New Students
Please see our website for information designed for first semester students. The information folder provides facts and tips to better orient yourself on campus and includes important offices and programs.

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