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Girls in Engineering and Science

The unchanged situation in the apprenticeship and job market triggered the initiative "Girls in Engineering and Sciences (MiT – Mädchen in die Technik)". Almost half of all female school drop-outs end up pursuing “conventional” female occupations: hairdresser, sales personnel, or office worker. These decisions often subject young women to low income and a lack of career prospects.

Early childhood education regarding career choices is often determined by one’s living and social environment. From the earliest ages, boys and girls are socialized differently. Stereotypical gender images are still widespread in society and greatly influence our choice of profession. As an educational institution, primary school has a great influence on the perpetuation and change of traditional gender roles. The project therefore focuses on primary school educators as important “role models” for primary school students. It is important to set conscious and subconscious examples in regards to pre-conceived roles. Gender sensitive didactics can encourage boys and girls to expand their scope and range. Successful placement in the job market also requires strong feelings of self-esteem. MiT aims to support self-esteem for girls as well as focus on their interest in technical and scientific fields. Girls with an immigrant background need this support in particular as due to their immigrant history, they limit themselves more in regards to future occupations.

When a girl decides to pursue education in the field in engineering or natural sciences, she would then work in a technical field of the future. In general, this also can mean earning a decent salary. The societal conditions are good at the moment as more than ever before, companies are willing to hire women with technical qualifications.

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MiT is supported by funds made available by the Frauenbüro Linz.


Final Report 2013 MiT - Girls in Engineering and Technology

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