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WE Can Play Football Too

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Upper Austrian Government Office for Women's Affairs

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WE Can Play Football Too

The Johannes Kepler University is forging a new path to gender equality with the initiative: "Auch WIR spielen Fußball" (WE Can Play Football, Too). Workshops will provide opportunities for girls will be encouraged to play football and educators to learn about the importance of athletic sports for girls. A gender-sensitve program will help teachers learn how sports help girls to develop confidence.

The initiative has been designed to empower girls and move away from clichés such as "football is just for boys".

Together with the Office for Women's Affairs (Upper Austrian government) and the Women's Football Center of Upper Austria (FFZ OÖ), Women's Football Center of Upper Austria has been able to offer trial sessions for girls directly at primary schools. The women players have been very successful in sparking the girls' interest to play football. Exercises in coordination help them play properly and they enjoy the exercise and the feeling of being part of team.

While the girls enjoy playing football, teachers will attend a gender-sensitive educational workshop held by Mag. Susanne Kaufmann (member of the Dept. of Gender & Diversity Management, JKU) to learn more about how sports can empower girls and contribute to ther personal development. The workshop focuses on questions such as:

As an educator, what can I do to help develop a sense of gender awareness among the children?
How we break stereotypes and prejudices?
How can we help support and develop the children's skills and talents and make them visible?
How does sports help support a child's personal development?

Participating schools will not be subject to any fees.

The program will take part in three areas of Upper Austria: country area outside of Linz, the country area outside of Wels, and Urfahr.

Photos from the School District outside of Wels

Photos from the Linz Land district: Union T.T.T St.Florian

Photos from the Urfahr-Umgebung District

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