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Kids Discover that Research is Fun

Traditional role models and stereotypical attributions are still a big part of our society and many men and women continue to choose occupations based on stereotypes.

In an effort to curtail traditional gender-assigning roles, we believe in addressing the issue of "choosing a profession" beginning in primary school. The Department of Gender & Diversity at the JKU has created a tested, age-appropriate concept focusing on topics such as equal rights, equality between men and women, gender roles, gender-specific division of labor, etc. that encourages children to reflect more about their personal interests and what they want to be when they grow up. The theoretical exercises are combined with hands-on tasks, such as building a tower or spinning toy from different kinds of available materials.

In cooperation with the Office for Women's Affairs (city of Linz), the Department of Gender & Diversity Management will continue it's program from Fall 2016 and hold 20 gender awareness workshops (90 min. each). 14 of the workshops will be held according to an already tested concpet and 6 newly developed workshops will be held for girls in second-grade classes at primary schools in Linz. These workshops will be carried out directly at the primary schools from April to December 2017 by experienced employees from the Department of Gender & Diversity Management.

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