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Karriere Mentoring III

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JKU Linz

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University of Salzburg

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Danube University Krems

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Career_Mentoring III

A Joint Program between the Universities in Krems, Linz, and Salzburg

In 2017, the universities in Krems, Linz, and Salzburg began a new and jointly revised career development program for women scientists and academics based on the Mentoring III and karriere_links programs.

Participating mentees receive assistance and support to strengthen their career development plans by attending mentoring sessions and individual coaching sessions as well as seminars designed for doctoral and post-doctoral candidates. A joint program offers space to exchange ideas in various subject areas, career stages, and strengthens interuniversity networks.

The program aims increase the proportion of women in academic/scientific leadership positions. The career development program has been designed to offer participating women scientist and academics opportunities to help advance their academic careers.

Target Group

Program for Woman Doctoral Candidates and Post-Doctoral Candidates

Dates for Woman Doctoral Candidates, Post-Doctoral Candidates, Mentors

Kick-Off Session from September 13 - 16, 2017

Coaching Sessions

Organizational Information for Participants

Meeting Venues

Concept and Organization, Contact Persons