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    If you have any questions, wish to become more involved, or just want to visit our office, please feel free to stop by any time!
  • Glass Ceilings
    The term “glass ceiling” was coined back in the 80s in the US and refers to a phenomenon in which highly qualified women work their way up to a certain level in middle management within a company or organization and despite having equal professional and educational qualifications as their male counterparts, cannot attain positions in higher management due to discrimination.

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The Office for Women's Affairs at the Austrian Student Union

The Other Sex

The Office for Women's Affairs is comprised of a group of dedicated students focused on addressing issues regarding the position of women in society, particularly at the Johannes Kepler University. The Office for Women's Affairs is also a place where female students can go if they feel they have been discriminated against at JKU because of their sex or feel they have been treated unfairly. The staff at the Office for Women's Affairs supports the use and application of gender appropriate language (German) during courses, for seminar papers and for mass mailings. An additional concern is creating transparency so that discriminating structures at the university and within society can be seen.

What Does The Office for Women's Affairs Do?

The office's main objectives include advocating equal opportunity between the sexes on and off campus, as well as creating awareness among students in regards to issues and concerns that affect women in particular.
We welcome and encourage interested students to attend our weekly meetings. These meetings serve to connect women at JKU and create a network, respond and be available to answer any and all questions, plan activities for the coming semester and simply create an autonomous atmosphere for women on campus. The Office for Women's Affairs (Frauenreferat) is located behind the Austrian Student Union shop.

Brave New World?

Existing relationships in society today - which include a traditional, gender-related delegation of roles - continue to contribute to the discrimination of women in regard to their professional lives and careers. This is especially true in the area of academics, an area which is affiliated with a high level of prestige and generally associated with providing good opportunities for women to advance professionally and attain top positions in business and politics. However, it seems that when it comes to top positions and higher income, the percentage of women in these top positions sinks close to zero.

Shatter Resistant Glass Ceilings at the University

Although women in Austria have had open access to university studies for hundreds of years now, the number of women enrolled in the area of academics continues to remain low. There are still numerous “glass ceilings” which have held steadfast in society, even today. One of these clearly visible areas pertains to universities themselves regarding the appointments of more women professors.