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About Us

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Foundations, Statutes, History ...  more of About Us (Titel)


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ZONTA Award at the JKU's Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences ...  more of ZONTA Award (Titel)

WE Can Play Football Too

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A cooperative initative with the Office of Women's Affairs (Upper Austrian government) and the Women's Football Center of Upper Austria. ...  more of WE Can Play Football Too (Titel)

Guidelines for the Use of Gender Neutral Language (German)

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Download guidelines for gender neutral language in German provided by the Dept. of Gender & Diversity. ...  more of Guidelines for the Use of Gender Neutral Language (German) (Titel)

Leave of Absence Brochure

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This brochure provides JKU employees a brief overview of what needs to be considered when taking a long or short leave of absence. German only ...  more of Leave of Absence Brochure (Titel)

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  1. Networks for Women 
  2. Office of Diversity Competence 
  3. Office of Gender Competence 

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Networks for Women

JKU Goes Gender

… is not only the name of a successful petition submitted in April 2005 to the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in response to a request for proposals, it is also the title of a chapter included within this development proposal. In addition to the expansion of the Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, the “JKU Goes Gender” contains various procedures and proposals for the support of the Advancement of Women and Equal Opportunity Policy : the continuation of successful projects such as karriere_links, Kidsversity, MiT and FIT, as well as JKU Goes Gender – Awards and Fellowships and establishment of an equal opportunity project for the JKU in close association with the proposal for the advancement of women which was revised by the Working Group for Equal Opportunity.


  • Gender & Diversity Management

    The Department of Gender & Diversity Management advises the Rectorate in matters pertaining to equal opportunity and the advancement of women as well as coordinates internal communication to university departments on matters regarding women's issues and policies in equal opportunity. In addition, strategies and measures in support of policies for equal opportunity are created and implemented under the principle of "gender mainstreaming".

  • The Working Group in Equal Opportunities (AKG)

    We are a legally established, independent and autonomous committee. We are in charge of two core task areas: counteracting the discrimination of university employees if they feel they have been discriminated against due to sex, ethnicity, religion, personal convictions, age or sexual orientation. We also ensure that equal opportunity for men and women at the university progresses at a steady rate. We advocate for the minority sex, ensure that the JKU’s plan for the advancement of women is observed and executed, and we ensure there is gender equality in the composition of collegiate bodies. In addition, we are committed to the concerns and needs of victims of bullying and conflict and provide advising services to victims of criminal acts. To complete our goals and objectives, we have been permitted to exercise comprehensive control and advising laws. In support of gender and to achieve our goals and objectives, we have been permitted to exercise comprehensive supervisory monitoring and consultation. In support of gender mainstreaming we are involved in the university’s strategic development planning as well as in matters involving human resource management and texts regarding the advertising of open positions at the university. In addition, we are vested with the right to participate in post-doctorate commissions. Our main objective is to determine and pinpoint discriminatory decisions and structures in place and prevent them. In situations where we are unsuccessful, we have the right to call upon an arbitration commission and/or a federal equal opportunity commission.

  • Institute of Women’s Studies and Gender Research

  • The Office for Women's Affairs at the Austrian Student Union