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Credit Transfer / Examination Recognition for Business Administration



The Bachelor degree program in Business Administration contains main subject areas ONLY. In-depth studies of a main subject area for a specialization subject will only be part of a program AFTER the Bachelor degree, i.e. part of a Masters or Diploma degree program.

Credit transfer for a specialization subject therefore basically requires that the in-depth course is completed on a Masters program level as opposed to a Bachelor level ( +12 ECTS); this means that the student’s study abroad program must include courses taken on the Masters level program and indicated as such.

The following information pertains to credit transfer and examination recognition for subjects in the area of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.

We have provided recommendations for credit transfer in subject areas where credit transfer is ensured (consistent course content with courses abroad). Students are still required to submit an application of credit transfer to ensure the course credit will be transferred to your studies at JKU. However, in regards to the courses below, the application will be processed faster.

There two different ways to apply for credit transfer for COMPLETE subjects:

  1. The course is part of the study abroad program. In this case, the course that is an official part of the host university’s official curriculum will be recognized in Linz, whereby only courses considered as “business” courses (or “business economic” courses for WIWI studies) will be taken into account. Courses with law content will not be considered for credit transfer for business or engineering. In regards to WIWI studies, please see § 18 Sec. 2 of the study program curriculum: When, for example, a subject area abroad is considered to be worth 48 ECTS credits, credit transfer for this subject area could be 45 ECTS credits for WIWI in Linz, even though no subject offered in Linz provides 45 ECTS credits. Conversely, attending a random selection of courses from the program will not be taken into account for a full subject in WIWI; this can only be considered when the courses differentiate from core courses and electives and must be completed as a required course. In cases where students seek credit transfer for an ENTIRE subject area, courses with course content different than courses offered in Linz, negative examinations, the courses completed in Linz are too similar to the program abroad or overlap, will not be considered for credit transfer.
  2. The course abroad is not allocated to a subject area or there is generally no comparable division to further subject courses. In this case, students must prove that the course abroad contained subject matter similar to a subject area offered in Linz. The total of course content to be completed in Linz must be very similar to the course abroad, including the examination requirements. Recognition in regards to #2 require a more detailed examination as those in #1.