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Credit Transfer / Examination Recognition

Confirmation of the Credit Transfer/Exam recognition of the planned study program to the extent required BEFORE embarking on the stay abroad, the so-called " Vorausbescheid ", is an essential part of an exchange program (and the scholarship/grant).

On the application form, please indicate the courses you would like to take at the host university as well as the equivalent in accordance with the program curricula in Linz.

For more information regarding application submission, contact persons, etc. in your major, please download the appropriate information sheet:

List of Previously Transferred Major and Specialization Subjects

As many students tend to ask how to combine major and specialization subjects, we have put together am excerpt of previously approved majors and specializations.
Please note, however, that these credit transfers could be based on curricula that may not be current in Austria or abroad and credit transfer - in contrast to previously examined packets (credit transfer BW) - cannot be guaranteed!

Exchange of Subject and/or Courses
Students can apply for subjects to be replaced up to a total of 18 ECTS credits (depending on the program curriculum) by other study-specific subjects and/or courses.
This is possible for WIWI, KUWI, M-CH-PH and KUST and is a supplement or alternative to credit transfer.
Please refer to the information sheets to find the contact person for your subject area at the Dept. of Recognition and Credit Transfer Services.