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Additional Financial Support for Disabled Students

Physically disabled students participating in an ERASMUS exchange program can apply at the European Commission for additional financial support. To qualify for additional aid, you must fufill the following requirements:

  • The student must be subject to severe disability and/or require special needs.
  • The application must include a medical assessment and objective proof that supports the degree of disability or special needs that that hinders the student’s mobility to, for example, participate in an exchange program and not only problems of physical movement

Therefore the application should contain a detailed description of personal circumstances of the case such as:

  • A detailed budget for special needs
  • A medical assessment and other supporting documentation
  • All details on financial or other support (ie a caregiver, etc.)
  • An estimate of the additional financial aid necessary
  • Proof and documentation that the host institution understands the student is disabled and the host institution has provided information on suitable opportunities and support to assist the student to have access all buildings, lecture halls and libraries.

Please submit the corresponding applications to the International Office no later than June 1.