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General Information & Requirements

Spending a semester – or better yet (!) – an entire academic year studying abroad - can become a reality sooner than you think!
The Johannes Kepler University Linz has partnership agreements with over 200 universities around the world and there is ample opportunity to spend a semester or an academic year abroad. Some agreements are in cooperation with exchange programs such as Erasmus (Europe) or ISEP (USA, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Marocco, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam), partially on a purely bilateral basis and also referred to as Joint Study programs (primarily outside of Europe).

In addition, students pursuing a Master's Degree in General Management can take advantage of enrolling in special international joint degree programs (i.e. Global Business with Canada/Taiwan or respectively Russia/Italy ) as well as double degree programs (with the ESC Troyes and the Southern Taiwan University).

To learn more about how to choose a host university, please refer to our guide (German only).

Exchange programs have the following advantages:

  • No tuition fees are paid at host universities
  • Waived tuition fees in Linz (when you are studying abroad)
  • Credit transfer for examinations completed at the host university and some universities offer exchange students language classes for little or no fees.
  • (Relatively) simple application and procedural process
  • Exchange student program offered at the host university (often including an orientation program)
  • Funding by study abroad scholarships

What Are The Requirements?

All requirements to study abroad must be met before the program begins:


  • By the start of the exchange program, Bachelor and Diploma program students must have successfully completed 2 semesters (40 ECTS credits and successful completion of the StEOP requirements) at the JKU.
  • By the start of the exchange program, Master students must have successfully completed one semester (20 ECTS credits).
  • During the two semesters (if applicable) prior your exchange you must have achieved a minimum of 16 ECTS credits.

Language Requirements:
Knowledge of the following language(s) of instruction at the following level:

  • For English-language programs: B2
  • All other languages: A2/B1
  • For English-language programs in French, Italian, Russian, or Spanish-speaking countries: in addition, A1/A2 in that country's language
See: for more information about the European Framework of Reference for Languages.
A Matura diploma alone is insufficient!

Please note: If the host university requires a higher level of language skills than the JKU requires, you can find this information when you enter the relevant university in the search screen for exchange spots.