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Scholarships and Grants

Beschreibung: Scholarships and Grants to Write a Master's/Diploma Degree Thesis or a Dissertation

  1. Erasmus Scholarship: Writing and/or Conducting Research for a Master's or Diploma degree thesis / Dissertation during an Erasmus exchange abroad
  2. JKU Grant for Writing and/or Conducting Research for a Master's or Diploma degree thesis / Dissertation
  3. IPS - Internationalization Program for Students: Upper Austrian Government
  4. Funding Grants (Förderungsstipendium)
  5. For students receiving financial aid the grant for study abroad programs
  6. Funding for internships
  7. Marshall Plan Scholarship - MPS for research in the USA in the field of technical sciences
  8. Wilhelm Macke Stiftung für Physikstudierende
  9. Stipendium der Monatshefte für Chemie
  10. AKTION Austria - Slovakia
  11. AKTION Österreich - Tschechische Republik
  12. AKTION Austria - Hungary
  13. Research Studios Austria - Stipendien für Studienprojekte, Diplomarbeiten u Dissertationen
  14. Forschungsförderungsprogramm "Internationale Kommunikation" der Österreichischen Forschungsgemeinschaft (German only)
  15. FLI - Upper Austrian Program in Support of "Research, Teaching and Internationalization" at the Johannes Kepler University Linz
  16. Marietta Blau Scholarship of the Austrian Government for doctoral students
  17. Doctoral Research Fellowships des BMWFW (Jerusalem (IL), Edmonton (CDN), Minnesota (USA), ...
  18. Austrian Academy of Sciences see doctorate programs
  19. Julius-Raab-Foundation
  20. Grants of the Federation of Austrian Industries
  21. Fulbright-Schuman Program for graduate/postgraduate study/research in the USA
  22. Scientific and Academic Awards, Scholarships and Grants, Website of the JKU Research Support (FUN)
  23. Database for scholarships, funding, grants and awards
    incl. Scholarships for Doctoral Studies/Research
    • Grants offered in other countries (please note: usually only one application deadline per year)
    • among others