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Advanced CISM Courses, Stages on the Way to Completing a Doctorate or Post-Doctorate Degree

The International Centre for Mechanical Sciences CISM

Located in Udine, Italy, CISM is a non-profit organization providing courses, seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences for young researchers in the fields of mechanical sciences (solid state mechanics, fluid mechanics, materials mechanics, mechatronics, micro and nanomechanics, biomechanics, environmental mechanics, and other related subject areas), particularly for those currently focusing on completing a doctorate degree, post-doctorate degree, or attaining another academic goal.

For the past 40 years, a great number of impressive, renowned scientists have considered CISM a location of knowledge transfer for highly motivated young researchers as well as a place of academic and scientific exchange for groups of professional colleagues. CISM summer school courses are specially designed with that background in mind.

Courses are held in the Palazzo del Torso in the center of Udine.

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CISM courses are taught by internationally recognized experts who are specially selected by CISM’s Scientific Council. These advanced scientific courses also focus on current issues.

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The Johannes Kepler University Linz encourages doctoral and post-doctoral candidates to enroll at courses offered by CISM and will try to help course participants financially, if possible."

(Information by the Rectorate and University Senate Chairman at the JKU)